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Cash Management

1. Which projects require a Cash Management report?

All federal projects require monthly (submitted 1st through the 18th) Cash Management reporting, irrespective of budget total.

2. How do I know if a project is Federal or State?

Project numbers provide this information because the third character in a project number represents the type of funding. F is for Federal and S is for State.

3. Why is Cash Management now monthly?

In order to more closely monitor Federal funds. Rules and regulations regarding Federal cash advance can be found in:

  • OMB Circular A-133 Compliance Supplement Provisional 6/97 under “Cash Management”
  • Circular A-102 (Revised 10/7/94, As Further Amended 8/29/97) 2.a. (Post-Award, Cash Management policies)
  • 34 CFR 80.20
  • Circular A-110 (Revised 11/19/93, As Further Amended 9/30/99) SUBPART C – Post-Award Requirements
  • 31 CFR part 205: Title 31–Money and Finance: Treasury, Sec. 205.6 Funding techniques and Sec. 205.7 Requesting and transferring funds
  • Cash Management Improvement Act Agreement Between The State of Arizona and The Secretary of the Treasury, United States Department of the Treasury (FY01 CMIA US TSA) 6.2.12 Technique: Pre-issuance Funding

4. What is a Cash Balance? What is an Adjusted Cash Balance? What are Encumbrances?

See the Cash Management definitions that can be found in the Grants Management Glossary.

5. How is it determined if a project is Cash Management compliant?

A project is Cash Management compliant when the adjusted cash balance equals zero, or less than. The adjusted cash balance it calculated by subtracting the reported encumbrances from the reported cash balance.

6. What if the project has a negative cash balance?

When submitting a Cash Management report a negative cash balance should be entered in the ‘Cash Balance’ box. The negative amount indicated will be reimbursed as long as it does not exceed the unreleased allocation amount (RSP), and no other project holds exist.

7. How are Federal project payments disbursed?

To receive a first disbursement the LEA must provide the amount of 30-day needs for that first month of encumbrances when submitting their On-line or Hardcopy Application. Thereafter, each disbursement will be driven by the data entered in a Cash Management report.

8. When is the first Cash Management report due?

The first Cash Management report is due once the first disbursement has been disbursed and/or the first month that local carryover is approved into the project, whichever comes first.

9. When does Cash Management reporting cease?

Cash Management reports are required monthly until all disbursements have been made and the LEA reports that the cash balance is zero, (including all approved amended carryover).

10. What is the last date I can submit a Cash Management report?

The 1st through the 18th of the month prior to the project ending is the last opportunity to submit a Cash Management report in order to receive a final month’s payment, if eligible. E.g., if the project ends June 30th, the last opportunity to submit a report for potential payment in June is May 1st through 18th.

11. I submitted a Cash Management report in the project’s last month and received the message ‘The period for processing and disbursing a final payment for this project has already passed, therefore no further payment will be processed or disbursed. You may still be reimbursed for project expenditures upon approval of a valid completion report’. What does this mean? How can I receive a final disbursement?

A Cash Management report can be electronically submitted up to but not beyond the project end date. If you did not submit a Cash Management report in time to receive a last disbursement the Completion Report is considered the final Cash Management report. Upon program office approval of a valid Completion Report if there is negative cash on hand and the full allocation has not yet been released, funds will then be released up to the amount remaining or to bring the balance to zero, whichever is less.

12. I made a mistake when submitting the Cash Management report. Could the ADE please reject it and send it back to me for correction?

There is no need to since the LEA can submit another Cash Management report to correct the one that is in error. The last report submitted by midnight on the 18th will take precedence.

13. How can I verify that a Cash Management report was successfully submitted?

Each time a Cash Management report is submitted the system automatically generates a receipt. Print the receipt for documentation that the Cash Management report was submitted. Up until the project end date LEAs can also logon and go into the Cash Management process and click ‘View Previous Cash Management Reports’ to print a receipt for the last Cash Management report submitted any given month.

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