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You might notice the same question but it has different answers throughout the FAQ section. Answers can vary depending on the process in question. Check and make sure you are reviewing the question that corresponds only to the process you’re questioning. A majority of the following FAQs can also be answered in the Grants Management Handbook, which is located as a download on the Grants Management Enterprise homepage.


Do I have to do a revision?

The only time an Amendment is required is if there is a change to an approved project which can be fiscal, programmatic, or both.

I made a mistake when submitting a revision. Could you please reject it and send it back to me for correction?

Please contact the appropriate program office for directions on how your particular problem needs to be resolved. The program office may choose to reject the Amendment at your request.

See the Contacts section to contact the appropriate program office.

How do I start and submit a Revision?

Revisions can be started in the new system by clicking on the “Change Status To” hyperlink “Revision Started“. You will be asked to confirm your revision before you are able to begin making changes. Once confirmed, you will be able to revise the budget amounts and/or narratives. You will also be able to remove and add items to the budget page. Once you have made these revisions, the status to will need to be moved to “Revision Completed“. If you do not have this option it means you do not have the proper access to complete the revision. The Business Manager will need to approve the revision and send it to the LEA Authorized Representative for final approval. Thus ending the submittal process.

The project line items will remain the same but the funds need to be used for reasons other than originally intended. Do I still need to submit an Amendment?

This is called a Programmatic Amendment and under most circumstances, should be amended. Refer to Amendments in the Grants Management Glossary and if needed, contact the appropriate program office for more detail.

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