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Once an On-line Application has been submitted and approved it then becomes a project. Once it is an approved project an Amendment can be submitted anytime before the 90-day deadline.

The only time an Amendment is required is if there is a change to an approved project which can be fiscal, programmatic, or both.

Amendments must be submitted no later than 90 calendar days prior to the project end date.

Please contact the appropriate program office for directions on how your particular problem needs to be resolved. The program office may choose to reject the Amendment at your request.

See the Contacts section to contact the appropriate program office.

State each change that is being requested, as you would in a cover letter.

The ability to transfer all or partial monies from one line item to another is dependent upon grant guidelines and program office approval. Any requested changes cannot be acted upon until approved by the program office. Anticipated expenditures that would cause an overexpenditure or unauthorized expenditure must be requested no later than 90 calendar days prior to the project end date. Final expenditures (with the exception of Indirect Cost) may exceed the last approved line items by no more than 20% or $1,000, whichever is greater, without exceeding the budget total.

All approved budget line items except Indirect Cost.

LEAs can logon and go to the online Amendment process. The first page is the Progress page that shows the status of Amendments that are being edited by LEA, evaluated by ADE, or submitted by LEA. If an Amendment has been submitted and it does not show on this page, it means the Amendment has been approved. Please check the Project Summary to view the approved Amendment changes. Upon approval or rejection, LEAs will receive notification via email if a correct email address(es) were provided on the Contact Page.

This is called a Programmatic Amendment and under most circumstances, should be amended. Refer to Amendments in the Grants Management Glossary and if needed, contact the appropriate program office for more detail.

No, there is not an Amendment limitation.

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