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General FAQs

It is a document that guarantees accountability to the United States and to the State of Arizona. All LEAs wishing to apply for and receive grant monies must have a current GSA on file at the Arizona Department of Education (ADE). This document is renewed yearly and is due by May 31. It is available on the Grants Management Enterprise homepage as a download.

Upon the LEA’s submittal of the GSA, access to the secure Grants Management processes is provided for the fiscal year. A Common Logon user ID is assigned for each authorized signer.

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Section A, C, D, and E must be signed by:

  1. i. Districts: Board President, Superintendent
  2. ii. Charters: Charter Contract Signer
  3. Other Type of Entities (Not Districts or Charters) : Comparable authorized official

Entitlement/Formula Grant

  1. A grant based on a state or federal mandate, or a formula where ADE does not have discretion and merely acts as a conduit.
  2. ADE is responsible for the final distribution of funds.
  3. On the online Fund Alert, eligible entities are notified of the amount of grant allocation/award and specifics regarding applying for grant. If the amount of grant allocation/award is not posted on the online Fund Alert and you did not receive an official letter advising an allocation/award amount, then contact the appropriate program office for further assistance.
  4. Entitlement/formula grant(s) typically available online via the Grants Management Online Applications.
  5. Does not require approval of the State Board of Education.

Discretionary/Competitive Grant

  1. A grant award that is typically not based on a formula or legislative mandate.
  2. Distribution of these funds is based upon the specific criteria of the grant where ADE acts as the administering agent and has responsibility for the final disposition of such funds. Examples: targeted audience and/or specific populations to be served, demographic factors, etc.
  3. Some competitive grant applications are available online via the Grants Management Online Applications. If not, then these applications will most likely be accepted via hard copy (paper copy) and should be followed up with a phone call/e-mail to the appropriate program office for further assistance.
  4. Original applications must be received by the date and time specified.
  5. Require approval of the State Board of Education

For a list of state/federal grants currently available through ADE, please go to:

Fund Alerts posted in the last four (4) weeks will be flagged as “NEW.” If the grant has an online application, it will be flagged as “ONLINE” under “Application format.

Grant applications that also have downloads will be flagged as “YES” under “Downloads?”. If there is a download associated with the grant, please view the bottom of the grant profile (View Download Files button) or visit the Application Downloads link from the Grants homepage.

Click on Online Applications from the ADE Grants Management Homepage at In order to access online applications, you must have a common logon account and your entity filed either the GSA or Change Form with the ADE Grants Management Office.

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Once an online application has been submitted and approved it then becomes a project. Once it is an approved project, you can submit an amendment* online to make fiscal or programmatic changes.  Click on “Amendment” from the ADE Grants Management Home page at

*Amendments must be submitted no later than 90 calendar days prior to the project end date.

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Interest earned on federal funds in excess of $100 per project must be returned to the ADE Accounting Office at least quarterly during the project period (Johnson O’Malley is currently exempt from this rule). If the interest in excess of $100 is returned at least quarterly, then in the Completion Report only state whatever interest has been earned on the project in the last quarter.

Interest earned on state funds may or may not be required to be returned to the ADE. See the “Contacts” section to contact the appropriate program office for specific guidelines.

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Indirect Cost are those expenses that incur for the joint benefit of more than one project and cannot be readily and specifically identified with a particular project without effort disproportionate to the results achieved. Indirect Cost can ONLY be applied to federally funded projects. Please note that Indirect Cost may be restricted or disallowed on some federal grants.

Upon submittal of an Annual Financial Report (AFR) by a district or charter school, the district or charter school may request that the ADE calculate an Indirect Cost Rate (ICR) by placing a checkmark in the check box provided, and then submitting the additional required information.

The Audit Unit at ADE then calculates a restricted and a non-restricted rate and notifies the district or charter school of the approved restricted rate for use with State and Federal grants. Other entities (e.g. community-based organizations, community colleges and universities, state agencies, etc.) must provide to ADE Audit Resolution a copy of the letter of Indirect Cost from their cognizant agency showing their approved ICR in order for it to be entered into the Grants system.

Approved indirect cost rate can be found from the ADE Grants Management Indirect Cost at

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