Audit Report Submission

Beginning in October 2014, audit reports (USFR Compliance Questionaires, Financial Statements, and Single Audit Reporting Packages) will only be accepted in electronic format. ADE will no longer accept hard copies. This includes audit reports for FY2014 and passed due audit reports from prior fiscal years.


Acceptable Report Formats

The ADE will accept reports submitted in the following formats:

  • Unbound Hard Copy
  • Electronic Copy (Unsecured PDF).

Electronic report files must be in PDF file format and include the independent auditor’s electronic signature. Electronic reports may be submitted on a CD by mail or transferred electronically via e-mail.

Reporting Package Due Date

Single audit reporting packages are due nine months after the entity’s fiscal year end (Reference: OMB Circular A-133, Section .320). For most LEAs, the reporting package is due March 31st of each fiscal year.

Where to Submit

Reporting packages should be mailed to the Arizona Department of Education (ADE), Grants Management Department.  You may also submit your reporting package electronically to the ADE via e-mail. 

Mailing Address:

Arizona Department of Education
Grants Management
1535 W Jefferson St, Bin 3
Phoenix, AZ 85007

E-mail Address:

The subject line of the e-mail must contain the following:

  • Fiscal Year
  • Name of LEA
  • Single Audit Reporting Package

sample subject line