3. Why is Cash Management now monthly?

In order to more closely monitor Federal funds. Rules and regulations regarding Federal cash advance can be found in:

  • OMB Circular A-133 Compliance Supplement Provisional 6/97 under “Cash Management”
  • Circular A-102 (Revised 10/7/94, As Further Amended 8/29/97) 2.a. (Post-Award, Cash Management policies)
  • 34 CFR 80.20
  • Circular A-110 (Revised 11/19/93, As Further Amended 9/30/99) SUBPART C – Post-Award Requirements
  • 31 CFR part 205: Title 31–Money and Finance: Treasury, Sec. 205.6 Funding techniques and Sec. 205.7 Requesting and transferring funds
  • Cash Management Improvement Act Agreement Between The State of Arizona and The Secretary of the Treasury, United States Department of the Treasury (FY01 CMIA US TSA) 6.2.12 Technique: Pre-issuance Funding

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