12. What happens to my application once it has been submitted? How will I know when it’s approved or rejected?

Once an application has been submitted on-line via the Grants Management On-line Application the appropriate program office reviews it for accuracy and adherence to program requirements on a first come, first served basis. If the Application is approvable it is forwarded for administrative approval. Once administrative approval has been obtained the Application can be approved and will then turn into a project. The person(s) whose email appears in the on-line Application Contact page will receive an email stating that the Application has been approved. If the Application is not approvable it is then rejected and an email is sent to the person(s) listed in the on-line Application Contact page stating why the Application was rejected and what needs to be done before it is resubmitted. It can then be modified and resubmitted or canceled.

Same approval process is followed for a Hardcopy Application as stated above in the On-line Application process. The only thing that differs is that the applicants are notified by phone, postal mail, or via email of project approval or if an application is rejected.