FY 2015 General Statement of Assurance

The FY 2015 General Statement of Assurance  form and related documents are now available.  The due date for submitting this form for the 2015 fiscal year is May 15, 2014.  Please go to the Grants Management’s GSA webpage (see  ’GSA’ drop down menu above) for more information.

Audit Evaluation Forms

To reduce the administrative burden on LEAs, Audit Evaluation Forms are not being collected by the Arizona Department of Education. Audit Evaluation Forms need not be submitted to either the Grants Management Division or the Audit Unit.

If you have further questions, please e-mail us at grantsmanagementgroup@azed.gov.

Possibility of Federal Government Partial Shutdown – Notice to ADE Grantees

ADE has been in communication with the U.S. Department of Education regarding education grant funding should a partial shutdown of Federal operations occur next week. While we hope to avoid any interruptions, it may be the case that ADE would be unable to draw down cash from the Federal government to process any new payment requests that are received during the shutdown.

ADE encourages its grantees to submit payment requests as they normally would and does not believe it is necessary to draw down excess cash in anticipation of a possible shutdown. ADE is working diligently to approve and process any outstanding payment requests that have been received and does not anticipate any delay in disbursing funds to grantees.

As always, grantees are allowed to request federal grant funds to reimburse for expenses already incurred or for expenses that will be realized in the forthcoming 10-15 days, and that procedure should alleviate any issues during a brief Federal shutdown.

Should a partial shutdown impede our ability to disburse funds to grantees, we will communicate with all grantees immediately. Should you have any questions about the status of payment requests or forthcoming payment requests, please contact the Grants Management Division at (602) 542-3695 or grants@azed.gov.

For those LEAs who receive Federal funds directly such as Impact Aid or REAP funds, we encourage you to contact your program office at U.S. Department of Education for more information on how any of these scenarios may impact your funds.

July 16th Kickoff Webinar – Presentation, Recording and Q&A

Thank you to everyone who joined our New GME Kick-off Webinar!

A copy of today’s PowerPoint presentation is located here.

You may also view the recording of the full Webinar here.

A Q&A document from questions submitted during the Webinar is located here.

The URL for ESEA Consolidated Application can be found from the New Grants System at https://gme.azed.gov. When you receive your new temporary password from IMS@azed.gov, if you navigate to https://gme.azed.gov and click the grey “GME Sign In” button on the left hand side and enter your e-mail address as your user name and the temporary password it should prompt you to change the password.

The New Grants Management Enterprise and You – Webinar

As ADE transitions to a new Grants Management Enterprise software we are presenting the Webinar below to begin the training and feedback process.

The first live federal grant application will be the ESEA Consolidated Application, containing applications for Title I-A, I-D, II and RLIS funding. This will be live and accessible as soon as allocations are finalized and loaded into the system. Likewise, ADE Grants Management is coordinating the provision of users into the new system.

Regarding your user access, this new system is not behind the Common Logon secure sign-on application like the old/current GME. Accordingly, you will receive information on a new log-in and password you will need to set up to gain access to the system – that communication is coming in the next 8-10 days. This new secure password can be the same or different than your current Common Logon password, but please be certain to keep them both handy as you will need to access dual systems for the near future.

If you don’t have any interaction with your LEA’s ESEA Consolidated Application, it may be best to wait to enter the new system until you have had a chance to attend either an in-person or online training which will be held throughout the rest of the Summer and into Fall.

We certainly don’t intend for this to be the last training we host, so if you are not able to attend this training you can access it recorded later on our ADE Grants Management website. Additionally, we will be hosting weekly Webinar Workshops around the new system and multiple in-person trainings throughout the state. As those are finalized, we’ll send out direct correspondence and post updated calendar information at http://www.azed.gov/grants-management/ Stay tuned!

We look forward to speaking with you on the 16th as we begin this exciting journey together.

Registration Information:
Title: The New Grants Management Enterprise and You
Date: Tuesday, July 16, 2013
Time: 10:30 AM – 1:00 PM MST

Space is limited.
Reserve your Webinar seat now at:


Internet Explorer 10

Please be advised that the current GME system does not support Version 10 of Internet Explorer (IE).  We have found that users that have upgraded to this version of the browser are not able to save amendment and application data.  The system continues to support Version 8 IE.  The new GME system will however support newer versions, like 10, of IE within the coming fiscal year. 

If you are having issues with your amendments, applications or completion reports saving, review the version of IE you are using.  If you are still having issues please feel free to contact Sarah Hendrix, 602 542-4494 or Sarah Heikkila 602 542-4339 for assistance.

Just as a reminder, the current GME system still only supports IE.

FY 2014 General Statement of Assurance Form

The deadline for the FY2014 General Statement of Assurance is May 17, 2013.

The form can be obtained on the Grants Management website under GSA > General Statement of Assurance.


Should you have any questions or issues with the form, please contact us by email or phone.

UPDATED: Arizona’s Common Core Standards Implementation Guidance

In an effort to provide further guidance around implementation of Arizona’s Common Core Standards, ADE has created several guidance documents related to potential uses of both federal and state funds. These documents provide general guidance and guidance on activities specific to several funds.

An overview is posted here.

ADE’s Grants Management team is interested in your thoughts on the Common Core Standards funding guidance provided on our site. A webpage has been created to capture your feedback here. We appreciate your time and assistance.

Questions about CCR Registration

ADE Grants Management has received questions concerning the CCR registration.  The System for Award Management or SAM has complied a list of questions and answers.  We have posted it here, but the SAM website will be your best guide for answers.  We regret that we cannot assist with the actual CCR process, however, the SAM site does provide a number for technical and customer service question. 

Thank you,

ADE Grants Management

Grants Management Training Manual is Updated!

We have updated the Grants Management Handbook!

The handbook now includes:

  • Step by Step instructions for working within Grants Management Enterprise (GME)
  • New Payment System Instructions
  • Information about Holds
  • Information about Applications, Amendments, and Completions reports

View the handbook here.