Vendor Screening for Debarred Vendors

Please update your entity’s official operating procedures.  Searches for debarred vendors can no longer be done through EPLS (  Please go to > Search Records > Advanced Search – Exclusion.  For additional guidance, please visit the procurement section of our Fiscal Guidance webpage where an example by Denver Public Schools is provided.

Submission of Audit Reports

Beginning October 2014, the following will only be accepted in electronic format. ADE will no longer accept hard copies.

  • Audit reports (Financial Statement report /Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)) ,
  • USFR Compliance Questionaires, and
  • Single Audit Reporting Packages


Please submit the above referenced items to SINGLEAUDITS@azed.govFor more information, please visit our Independent Audits webpage.

Character Education Special Plate Fund

The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) is accepting grant applications from private 501(c) (3) character education organizations to provide character education programs and training to Arizona school districts and charter schools.  Please visit our Request for Grant Applications webpage for more information.

Audit Evaluation Forms

To reduce the administrative burden on LEAs, Audit Evaluation Forms are not being collected by the Arizona Department of Education. Audit Evaluation Forms need not be submitted to either the Grants Management Division or the Audit Unit.

If you have further questions, please e-mail us at