Application Resource

General Information – Public Information with Application Access

1. Fund Alerts – Access  information on  the currently  available grant funding application information  for local education agencies.

  •  Funding Name -ex. Title I LEA
  • Program Area –  The Program Area responsible for administering this grant
  • Authorizing Statute
  • Funding Source – Federal or State
  • Purpose – Describes the purpose of intent of the grant that needs to be addressed or considered when applying for the grant
  • Eligibility requirements
  • Eligibility subgrantees – if grant is for specific entity, a entity list will be listed here. Otherwise, Charters Schools, Districts, State Agencies…. that can apply for this grant
  • Fund Totals – Portion(s) of the grant that are Federal, state and/or Other and the total
  • Range of Awards – one entity can receive a grant funding range
  • Award Apportionment – Amount to be apportioned as Formula, Discretionary, Administration, or Technical Assistance
  • Application Process – Competitive , Contract, Non-Applicable or Non-Competitive

 FundAlert Screen Shot

  • Application available and due dates
  • Project Period begin and end dates
  • Contact Information
  • Apply Online Button – to begin the grant application process (Your entity must have submitted each fiscal year General Statement of Assurance to give you access to online application). * some application is only accepted by  “Hard Copy Only “
  •  View Download Files – to obtain information, Hard copy Application, Instructions, Additional Narratives, or other data such as Allocation List. (Application Download Files are the same files you will get from Fund Alerts View Download Files)

2. Creating/ Viewing  the Online Applications

  • Log into the Common Logon , click on Grants Management
  • Click on Online Application
  • Applications In Progress Page (List already created applications  and its status (Edit by LEA, Submitted to ADE, Evaluated, Approved – Pending) FAQ: I cannot find my application under Application In Progress Page
     If you already created application then it was in the process of ADE evaluating status last time, this means your application becomes a project. Please go to Project Summary to find your application. If you have not already created application, then scroll all the way down to the bottom of the screen, click on “Create New Application”

    • Create New Application
    •  Click on Radio Button to choose a new application
    • Click “Continue” button at the bottom of this page
    • Program Assurances – click “I Agree”       


3. Editing / Submitting the Online Applications 

  • Online Application Layout
    • View Application  – display all of application page .
    • Financial Data – Normally completed by your district level.
    • Supplemental Data (Narrative data requirements)
    • From the left menu bar, click on each page , complete, and save data. (blank page will change to lined page indicating data has been saved)

  • Upon completion of the application, Click on Summary & Submit.
  • Print a copy of your application then scroll all the way down – click Submit
  • FAQ’s – How can I print only the real application pages without print the menu bar on top and left.  
    • Answer : Right Click on the report data section you would like to print then click print preview — Select Only the selected frame.