Amendment Resource

General Information – Amending a Grant/ Project

1. Amendment – Allows user to make a change to an approved federal or state grant/project.

  • An amendment request is subject to approval by the appropriate Program Office.
  • An amendment must be submitted no later than 90 calendar days prior to the project/ grant ending date or follow a grant specific deadline if given by program area
  • Project Ending June 30th – Amendment should be submitted to ADE 90 calendar days prior to June 30th
  • Change can be implemented when Program Office approves (notification by email )

2. Amendment Types – Fiscal Amendments / Programmatic Amendments

  • Fiscal Amendments
    • To avoid an overexpenditure (allowable over expenditure – 10% of each approved line item but cannot exceed the approved budget total. Not applicable to indirect cost)
    • To avoid an unauthorized expenditure on a project/grant, an amendment should be requested when the anticipated expenditures do not have an aproved budget line item on the latest approved application or amendment
    • An approved state or federally funded project/grant may be amended to reflect changes in line item allocations or additional monies resulting from carryover monies or additional allocations which increase the budget total, or other changes. To see allowable carryover, please view the carryover matrix  for grant-specific information)
  • Programmatic Amendments
    • Change staff duties or responsibilities
    • Change the type of contractual serices from the approved budget
    • Change approved capital expenditure item(s)
    • Extend the project ending date beyond the original approved date

3. Amendment Process

a. Click on Amendment link from the Amendment Menu bar above.

b. Log into the Common Logon – click on Grants Management Application

c. Select Amendments hyperlink from the GME HomePage

d. Amendments in Progress screen will be displayed (shown below)

e. Create a new Amendment, find the project number then click on “Create Amendment”

 4. Amendment Page layout

  • Amendment Number – a number of amendment your entity submitted. This amendment is the first amendment my entity is submitting.
  • Budget line item – *Change column (Add or subtract only the amount to change.) When you increase or decrease your line item, you must also update your line item description to reflect this change.
  • If your porject has  a site level budget break down or narratives under Supplemental Data, you must also update this section to reflect your line item change.