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Published: December 3rd, 2018

FY2019 Early Literacy Grant

The FY2019 Early Literacy payment calculation has been completed. The total will be distributed over 3 payments; 50% will be distributed in December 2018, 25% will be distributed in January 2019, and the remaining balance will be distributed in April 2019. Please see the file below illustrating the distribution schedule. Districts are listed by county, and charters alphabetically. The highlighted column is the December distribution.

FY2019 Early Literacy Amounts

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Published: October 31st, 2018

FY2019 Results-Based Funding

FY19 Results-Based Funding has been calculated based on Spring 2017 AZMerit results.

To be eligible:


Average Passing % (Column I)  >= 67.5%         $225
Average Passing % (Column I) >=  44.25% AND FRL % (Column K) >= 60% $400
Alternative School with Grade Letter A (Column J)         $400


A list of calculations can be seen below:

FY19 Results-Based Funding Calculation

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Published: January 2nd, 2018

FY 2018 Rural Assistance Payment 1


The first distribution has been made for FY2018 Rural Assistance. There will be two distributions made; the first being 70% of allocated funding, and the second making up the remaining 30% of the allocated funding. The $2.6 million will be reallocated prior to the second distribution. Locate your District/Charter District in the list linked below and review the payment details.

FY2018 Rural Assistance Payment 1 Allocations

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