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Published: May 11th, 2018

Charter Estimated Counts Now Open

Charter Estimated Counts is now open for all charter districts planning to operate in Fiscal Year 2019 to submit estimates of their ADM (Average Daily Membership) for FY2019 and will close on July 13 , 2018 at 4:30 pm. The data within Estimated Counts on July 13 will be used as the basis for the August 1 state aid disbursement for FY2019.

Please see Memo 18-057 for submission instructions and future deadlines.

If you have questions regarding the submission, please email [email protected].

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Published: May 10th, 2018

Data Push Update for June 1 Payment

While analyzing data for the first June payment, School Finance observed unusually low ADM data. Fifteen LEAs had the greatest impact from the dip in ADM. Therefore, School Finance used the dates listed below for all LEAs.

School Finance made the determination to use previous ADM figures for this month’s payment. As a result, May’s ADMS46-1, SPED 28-1, and ELLS28-1 will not align to the previously published data capture date in AzEDS.

To reconcile the 05/07/2018 ADMS46-1 report to AzEDS ADM data, pull an ADM20 from 04/24/2018.

To reconcile the 05/07/2018 SPED28-1 report to AzEDS ADM data, pull an SPED20 from 04/25/2018.

To reconcile the 05/07/2018 ELLS28-1 report to AzEDS ADM data, pull an ELL20 from 04/26/2018.


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Published: April 25th, 2018

School Closure During Strike (Memorandum 18-051)

This document is prepared by the Department of Education (“ADE”) in order to offer guidance to public school districts and charter schools in the event of a teacher strike/walkout. Each Local Education Agency (“LEA”) will determine if it will continue to operate during any period of the strike. This guidance addresses the requirements for schools that are unable to operate during the strike as well as those that choose to continue operating under a normal or abbreviated schedule.

The link to the complete memorandum is as follows:

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Published: April 25th, 2018

FY18 Rural Assistance Payment 2

The second distribution has been calculated for FY2018 Rural Assistance and will be distributed shortly. The first distribution was 70% of the allocated $2.6 million, and the second has made up the remaining 30% of the allocated funding. Locate your District/Charter District in the list linked below and review the payment details.

FY18 Rural Assistance Payment 2

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