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Published: January 23rd, 2018

Impact Aid Program Application Forms


As a reminder, ADE School Finance no longer has access to a fax machine or dedicated space for storing the hard copies of Impact Aid documents.

We were recently made aware that the instructions for submitting copies of Impact Aid documents to ADE School Finance, as provided by the U.S. Department of Education, is something other than what we can accommodate.

When preparing to submit a copy of any Impact Aid Program documents to ADE School Finance, scan in the documents and email the single Adobe document to the Budget Team at [email protected].

Please include the following information in the subject line of the email:

  1. District or Charter Name
  2. District or Charter Impact Aid Number, which can be quickly located on the cover sheet of the Impact Aid Application packet, if not readily known. For example: 12-AZ-2018-0000.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you.

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Published: January 10th, 2018

January FY 2018 BUDG25 Reports Posted

The January FY 2018 BUDG25 reports have been updated, posted, and are available for download and review. This January report has been posted and includes 2017 Budget Balance Carry Forward or Over Expenditure amounts as calculated by ADE on the 2017 BUDG75 Report.

Please email the budget team with any budget-related questions or concerns at [email protected].

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Published: December 12th, 2017

December FY 2018 BUDG25 Reports Posted


The FY 2018 BUDG25 reports have been updated, posted, and are available for download and review. To select a specific district, please click here. The updated BUDG25 report includes:

1. December 1st APOR 55-1 report values

2. Expenditure budget revisions processed through 12/7/2017, and

3. FY 2017 Budget Balance Carry Forward amounts for M&O and URC as calculated by the ADE.

The FY 2017 BUDG75 reports were published on 12/8/2017 and a School Finance Hot Topic was posted, available here. As a reminder, if the district was calculated as being over expended on the FY 2017 BUDG75 report, a zero will be displayed for the BBCF and the over expenditure amount for either or both funds will be included on the FY 2018 January BUDG25 report.

Please email the budget team with any budget-related questions or concerns at [email protected].

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Published: December 12th, 2017

FY 2018 1.06% Teacher Salary Increase Allocation and Guidance


The FY 2018 1.06% Teacher Salary Increase has been included as a base support level adjustment on page 4 of the December APOR 55-1. The spreadsheet linked below compares 2017 actual AFR teacher salaries paid to budgeted amounts on page 2 of the FY 2018 Expenditure Budget on lines 3 and 4. It should be noted:

In all cases the LEA’s payment was based on the amount requested on line 8 of the “Additional Teacher Salary Increases (Laws 2017, Ch. 305, §33)” section on page 2 of the 2018 Expenditure Budget that was successfully processed into the system as of November 1, 2017; this is the amount in the last column of the linked spreadsheet and page 4 of the December APOR 55-1.

Budget Facts:

  • LEAs will need to reconcile the amount as part of the Independent Audit process.
  • Amounts should supplement by 1.06% and not supplant any intended 2018 salary amount.
  • Code these funds to (fund-object): 001-3200
  • Eligible teachers consist of any person whose salary is appropriately coded in Function 1000–Instruction and eligible to be included in the year-end Teacher Salary Tablet in the Certified Teacher Column on the Annual Financial Report (AFR) for school district (page 9) or charter school (page 7) in FY 2017 and who teaches at the district or charter during FY 2018.
  • Do not include purchased services personnel or substitute teachers in either line. Districts and charters should maintain adequate documentation to support that each teacher included met the eligibility requirements. Laws 2017, Ch. 305, §33

FY2018 1.06% Teacher Salary Increase Amounts

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Published: December 8th, 2017

FY 2017 BUDG75 Reports Have Been Published


The FY 2017 BUDG75 Reports have been published to the School Finance website and are available for download and review. The BUDG75 report reflects the 2017 statewide recalculation and any FY 2017 budget or AFR file submissions successfully processed into the system as of November 30, 2017.

Districts that were current year funded in FY 2017 will receive an adjustment for under budgeted RCL due to the statewide recalculation, which is similar to how the growth adjustment of the past was applied.

To select a specific District, please click the following link: https://www.ade.az.gov/Budget/EntitySelection.asp.

Please email the budget team with any questions or concerns at [email protected].

Thank you.

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Published: November 16th, 2017

FY 2018 BUDG25 Reports (Preliminary December 1 APOR)

FY 2018 BUDG25 reports have been updated and are available here Based on: • Teacher 1.06% Teacher Salary Adjustments • Based on student data as of 5pm November 7, 2017 • K-3 Reading funds have been included for those LEAs who received approval on their K3 Reading plans as of October 26, 2017 • Preliminary December 1st APOR 55-1

If you are over expended by more than 1% of the GBL in M&O or Unrestricted Capital, a December revision is required. If you are over expended by less than 1% of the GBL, a December revision is optional. Please direct questions to [email protected]

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Published: November 14th, 2017

FY2018 BUDG25 Verification Letters & November BUDG25 Reports Posted

Originally published on 10/26/2017 In accordance with A.R.S. §15-905(E), the FY 2018 BUDG25 Budget Verification Letters have been posted to each applicable district budgets homepage of the ADE School Finance website.

The November 2018 report has also been posted. To download and review a specific district from the ADE School Finance website, please click here.

FY2018 ADM was used for the reports. A matching APOR 55-1 will be posted on Monday 10/30/2018

For more details on these reports, please read the following Hot Topic: http://www.azed.gov/finance/2017/10/05/oct-2018-budg25-reports-posted-dec-revision-alert/

As a reminder, if a district is exceeding its ADE calculated limit for M&O exclusively due to the K3 Reading Add-On Funding not being calculated in the district’s RCL on the APOR 55-1 (Apportionment date of 11/1/2017), a December 15th budget revision for M&O will not be required.

Please email any budget questions or concerns to the School Finance budget team at [email protected] .

Thank you!

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Published: November 9th, 2017

December FY2018 Budget Revision Guidance

WHAT: Districts required to submit a December budget revision can now upload the required Hearing Notification and Revision Budget Summary through ADE common logon, and post a link on the district’s website.

MEETING NOTIFICATION REQUIREMENT: The budget revision must be completed by December 15. The 10 calendar-day meeting notification and budget summary must be uploaded and a link posted on the district’s website by December 5, 2017.


  1. COMPLETE the budget revision
  2. DOWNLOAD the December Budget Revision Hearing Notification Form into the same folder as the revised budget. NOTE: This works best if you save the file directly to the folder without opening it.
  3. RENAME the budget revision back to the original name 2018EXPBUD.xls for linking purposes.
  4. OPEN the Hearing Notification Form ALERT: (1) Enable content if asked (2) Update links if asked
  5. SAVE the Hearing Notification file
  6. UPLOAD the file through Common Logon. NOTE: Do not upload the budget revision until after its been approved at the Board meeting.
  7. Optionally, once the Hearing Notification has been successfully uploaded — the Budget Revision file can be renamed as desired.


  1. NAVIGATE to the district’s ADE submitted file status page (https://www.ade.az.gov/Budget/EntitySelection.asp).
  2. RIGHT CLICK on the district’s uploaded Meeting Notification Excel file link (in the file name column).
  3. SELECT “copy shortcut”, “copy link location”, or similar depending on the browser you are using.
  4. PASTE the link to the district’s website.

If you have any questions, please email the SF BUDGET TEAM ([email protected])

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Published: October 5th, 2017

Oct 2018 BUDG25 Reports Posted & Dec Revision Alert

The October FY2018 BUDG25 reports have been posted and are based on:

  • 2017 ADM for the vast majority of districts until 11/01/2017, at which time current year 2018 ADM will be used for the vast majority. There is a message at the top of the report stating if 2017 or 2018 ADM was used.
  • APOR 55-1 with a run date of 9/11/2017 (Apportionment Date; 10/01/2017)
  • Budgets that have successfully processed through 9/30/2017
  • K3 Reading May NOT be included in the RCL In order to receive funding, all districts must now submit a plan to the State Board of Education for approval. K-3 reading funding will be released once we receive approval from the State Board of Education*

BUDG25 LETTER NOTICIFICATON of Need For a December Revision ALERT

The November BUDG25 report will be posted early (week of 10/23/2017) with the RCL based on ADM for the current year for vast majority of the districts.  These reports will be used to generate the BUDG25 December Revision Notification Letters that ADE must statutorily post by 10/30/2017

To download and review a specific entity’s budget reports, select the district name after clicking here.

Please contact the SF Budget Team ([email protected])  with any questions, except as noted below.

* Contact the Move On When Reading ([email protected] ; 602-364-2355) with questions regarding the district’s plan and/or when it is scheduled for review

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