SDER Application Open for Data Modifications

SDER Application Open for Data Modifications

The School District Employee Report (SDER) On-Line Application is currently available and ready to accept employee data modifications prior to final TEI calculations.   This application is accessible through Common Logon.

SDER data may be modified between February 1, 2017 and March 2, 2017.  Final data modifications must be made by 4:00 p.m. Wednesday, March 1, 2017.

Preliminary TEI reports were made available in October of 2016, and can be accessed here.  Final TEI reports will be available on or prior to March 15, 2017. Final TEI figures may differ between the preliminary report and the final report even if your district does not modify its data, as the statewide average number of FTE Years of experience value may change due to its recalculated value for the final reports.

The SDER instructions can be found at the end of the FY2017 SDER Memo. You may also view the SDER presentation for more guidance located here.

Please contact your Account Analyst with any additional SDER questions.

School Finance Friday 1/6/2017 Notes

AzEDS IT Update

  • ADE is pulling back 2 rules for further analysis:
    • 10075 Attendance minutes for alternative school students
    • 10200 re-enrolled Graduates

School Finance Update

January Workshop Wednesday

  • for districts, Transportation
  • 1/25 at our Jefferson office
  • Webinar option available


Q: Is there a report available to see the assigned cohorts for my students?

A: There is a report on ADEConnect in Accountability. Email [email protected] for more information.

Q: Is there a report available to show me the students that will have labels for my coming Assessment?

A: Email the Testing Inbox for support and information.

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School Finance Friday 12/23/2016 Notes

AzEDS Updates

For information about the AzEDS system, you can sign up for IT communications.

  • Subscribe to the AzEDS Updates Blog! This will provide you an opportunity to receive updates automatically on items like news, releases, and FAQs.
  • Sign up for RedFlag! This will provide you with emails and texts on items like system outages and urgent notifications.

Sign up for IT Redflag updates and blog updates here:

School Finance Updates

  • -20005 is currently working for ~99% of students.
    • There is a unique scenario. We described it in the video below.
    • If a student in an tuition-out-type enrollment changes DOR mid-year, the rule isn’t behaving as we all expect. ADE IT, School Finance, and Accountability are analyzing the issue. See the AzEDS blog for details next week.
  • 10200, a new AzEDS Integrity rule went into AzEDS this week.
    • If a student previously graduated, they cannot be fundable going forward. If your student is failing 10200 look for a W7, S7, or G code in SAIS in previous years or on the student’s transcript from a previous school. If you think the 10200 flag is in error, please submit a ticket to [email protected]
  • Wednesday Workshops for January are going to be about Transportation reporting for districts. The session(s) will be in the latter half of January, so watch the site for details.
  • No School Finance Friday next week. Happy New Year!

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School Finance Friday 12/16/2016 Notes


  • Wednesday Workshop
  • What is the Verification Dashboard?
  • What is an ADMS46-1?
  • When are 46-1s generated?

Wednesday Workshops for January are going to be about Transportation reporting for districts. The session(s) will be in the latter half of January, so watch the site for details.

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School Finance Friday 12/9/2016 Notes

AzEDS IT Update

Fixed Issues Update

  • LMTADM25 – fixed “duplicate”
  • Tuition Payer code=2, PS students no longer generating fundable intervals
  • Integrity rule -20002 is updated

Known Issues Update

  • 40000 rules that need to be updated
    • –40050
    • –40051
  • Rule -40036 which checks for age

School Finance Update

Data Capture Date for January

  • Declining Districts
    • FY 2017 only
  • To verify ADM:

Wednesday Workshops

Prioritize Integrity failures

  • Inactive calendar fixed; therefore contact School Finance if you have a calendar
  • Please don’t ignore rules if you think it might be broken.
  • AzEDS site to read Integrity rules

Training: What do these roles even mean?

EA for ADEConnect

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Link for School Finance Friday

School Finance Friday 11/25/16 Notes

AzEDS, Fixed Issue Update

  • Integrity rule 30001 was incorrectly failing.
  • Fixed Integrity Rule related to calendar status and track.
  • On the STAFF10, Educator Stakeholder ID field corrected.

AzEDS, New Functionality

  • R21 and S21codes were deployed to API.
  • Limited ADM report available. Called LMTADM25.
  • Attendance event report released.

AzEDS, Known Issues Update

  • 20002, Integrity rule about readmission
  • Tuition payer 2, PS students: Issue analysed and impacting 300 students only at ADM level
  • Integrity this week failed 11/22 evening, issue fixed

School Finance, Wednesday Workshops for December

  • Reconciliation: AzEDS Submission to ADM reports
  • At Jefferson
    • 12/7/16 1-3pm
    • 12/14/16 1-3pm
  • Depending on interest, can expand to include a Thursday or an online session

School Finance, Prioritize Integrity Failures

  • Inactive calendar fixed; therefore contact School Finance if you have an inactive calendar.
  • Please don’t ignore rules if you think they might be broken.

Training: 2 New Reports

Follow along on the video for more detail!

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December and January Payment Basis spreadsheet

The Data Capture Date for the December 1 FY 2017 Payment was this week. Please see the attached table for the payment basis for the following payment as well: Counts-for-December-1-Payment

School Finance Friday 11/04/2016 Notes

AzEDS IT Update

Fixed Issues Update!

Rule numbers 10071, 10075: Rule fails when attendance minutes are submitted for alternative schools

Rule numbers 10048, 10049: Accommodation district students failing; “If DOR is ACCOMMODATION, DOR must be allowed to be listed as a district of residence.”

Rule number 40020: SPED Integrity rule – ‘Invalid DOA and/or DOR for this Service Code’ even though the entity is under the accommodation district (DOA)

Performance Issues Fixed!

  • AzEDS Report Performance Issues
  • INTEG15 was broken out into 4 reports
    • Student Data Integrity (INTEG15) – released Friday, October 28
    • STC Student Data Integrity (INTEG20) – New Report under ‘Student-Teacher-Course’ Connection Report section
    • STC Staff Data Integrity (INTEG25) – New Report under ‘Student-Teacher-Course’ Connection Report section
    • STC Course Data Integrity (INTEG30) – New Report under ‘Student-Teacher-Course’ Connection Report section
  • ADM Reports – changes to improve performance of reports

New Functionality

  • DRP Integrity and ADM deployed
  • AOI ADM logic fixed

Known Issues Update!

  • A couple of rules with Issues – Fix In progress:
    • ELL INTEG Rule -30001 fails for students with correct Assessment ELL data
    • A couple other rule fixes we are working on that impact 20 or fewer students – 10067, 40065
  • STUD72 incorrectly displays attendance for concurrent enrollments

School Finance Update

Wednesday Workshops

11/16/2016 – 1:00 pm – 3:00pm – at Jefferson still available for sign up. Remote, web option available.

Topic: Data to ADM Calculation

Email your Account Analyst to sign up. Tell us if you need to check out an ADE computer during the workshop or if you’d like to participate remotely.

SPED Concurrency Issue

You can email [email protected]

Hot Topic

Critical Communication, Verification

Keep in Touch

Training: “Help, I don’t have ANY ADM!” Let’s Double Check

  1. Have you logged into ADE Connect?
  2. Have you seen an AzEDS Report?
  3. There are Quick Reference guides to help you navigate the reports.
  4. We recorded our trainings!

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School Finance Friday 10/28/2016 Notes

December 1 Payment

  • The Data Capture Date for the December payment is 11/8/2016.
  • Have you looked at your FY2016 recalc ADM, SPED, and ELL values? If you were overpaid in FY2016, you may have to plan for a negative adjustment. Please expect a communication from School Finance next week.

November Wednesday Workshop

  • The Topic is “Memberships to ADM.”
    • We will cover the different formulas for the different membership types.
    • We give an overview of how ACE works.
  • There are 2 Sessions so far! We can schedule more depending on interest.
    • They are currently scheduled at our Jefferson office in Phoenix.
    • 11/9/2016 and 11/16/16, see our Wednesday Workshop page for details.

Merge Updates

  • Application is being fixed this week.
  • We’re working tickets first-in, first-out, as best we can.
  • Split is planned for development later this year.
  • What does this mean for me?
    • Be careful before you create or search for a student. Do a few reasonable-ness checks before submitting for the first time. It will save you having to wait for us to process the State Student ID.

Training: Summer Withdrawal versus No Show

Continuing students from the previous year can be pre-loaded in AzEDS and the Student Information System before the first day of school. If the student does not attend school during the first ten days school is in session, the student will need to be removed from AzEDS and potentially the cohort. This is done using a No Show or a Summer Withdrawal code.

Grades K-8: To No Show a K-8 student pre-loaded in AzEDS that does not attend school during the first ten days school is in session, remove the student’s enrollment information from AzEDS. These students will have no attendance in the fiscal year; therefore the corresponding absences must also be removed from AzEDS.

Grades 9-12: If the student would have been in grades 9-12, was pre-loaded in AzEDS, and did not attend school during the first ten days school is in session, the LEA may have to No Show the student OR remove the student from the cohort with a Summer Withdrawal code. Please read the procedures as described in the Official Notice of Pupil Withdrawal on the Accountability site to see if the student can be removed from the cohort using S7, S8, S10, or S21. Students with an S7 can be submitted up until September first. Students with an S8, S10, or S21 must be submitted with an effective withdrawal date before the school calendar. All other 9-12 students pre-loaded in AzEDS that did not attend school during the first ten days school is in session must be treated as a No Show. These students have their enrollment, absence, and withdrawal information removed from AzEDS, using the same process as a K-8 No Show.

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