BUDGET Resources

District and Charter K3 Reading Budget Forms:
FY2016 Budget and FY2015 AFR: Charter | District
FY2015 Budget and FY2014 AFR: Charter | District
FY2014 Budget and FY2013 AFR: Charter | District  FY2013 Budget: District | Charter

District and Charter Expenditure Budget Forms:
District | Charter
FY2015: District | Charter FY2014: District | Charter FY2013: District | Charter

District, Charter, and County AFR’s:
FY2015: District | Charter | County
FY2014: District | Charter | County
FY2013: District | Charter | County  FY2012: District | Charter | County

Instructions: Navigating to Budget Reports and Submitted Files
1) How to navigate through the School Finance web site to locate District Reports (e.g.,BUDG25/BUDG75)
2) How to determine the Submitted File Status for both Districts and Charters.

Office of the Auditor General
Charter (Uniform System of Financial Records for Arizona Charter Schools (USFRCS) Manual | USFRCS Memos)
District (Uniform System of Financial Records for Arizona School Districts (USFR) Manual | USFR Memos )

Impact Aid Information: