New Charter Presentation

Come join us today for the new charter webinar presentation. It will at 11:00 a.m. today. You may begin signing in at 10:45. Here is the link to join:

New Charter Presentation – UPDATED

The New Charter Orientation presentation is designed to give new charter holders an idea of what needs to be done and when.  This presentation will provide a brief overview of data issues, payments and budgets.  If after the presentation you still need help, please contact your account analyst.  More in depth presentations are planned for later on.


Information on the presentation from the webinar can be found within this HOT TOPIC.  


FY-13 Instructional Improvement Payment 2 Amounts

FY 13 IIF Payment 2Amounts

Rosa’s Law Update

Rosa’s Law Update

FY13 Final Additional Assistance Reduction

Charter FY13 Final Additional Reduction Amounts

Charter FY 13 Preliminary and Final reduction amounts.

Instructional Improvement Fund, FY2013, Payment 1

FY13 IIF Payment 1 Amounts

This is the Instruction Improvement Fund distribution list for payment 1 of fiscal year 2013.

FY2013 Lump Sum Reductions

FY 2013 Lump Sum Reductions Final

Here are the final FY2013 SCA and CORL state aid and budget capacity reductions.


The issue with the ADMS40 (including the 46-1) series report has been corrected.  The correct ADMS40 (including the 46-1) series reports are now posted. If you have any questions regarding the reports, please contact your account analyst.  Thank you for your patience while we fixed the problems.

Estimated Counts and ADMS 40 series

  • Due to technical difficulties, the 40th day figures on the ADMS 40 series will not be available this month.
  • Estimated Counts will be used for ALL charters for the December 1st payment. Estimated Counts has been opened for all charters to update its figures if necessary, and will remain open until tomorrow, November 17th, at 4:30 p.m.