FY15 District Rollover Amounts

FY15 District Rollover Amount

FY15 Preliminary Charters, DSCS Additional Assistance Reduction

FY15 Preliminary Charter and DSCS Additional Assistance Reduction

FY15 District Additional Assistance Reduction

FY15 District Additional Assistance Reduction xls

Transportation Guideline

Please review the new transportation guideline, SF 0002, posted under the tab “Guidelines” on the School Finance website.

AzEDS (Arizona Education Data Standards) reporting requirements for FY 2015

What LEAs Need to Know:

AzEDS simplifies the reporting process by creating clear and easy-to-use mechanisms for data submission and access at every level.

Implementation Letter (6/14)

Click here to view the January 2014 letter

For additional AzEDS information: http://www.azed.gov/aelas/azeds/




Projected FY15 District Additional Assistance Reduction

Projected FY15 District Additional Assistance Reduction xls


Charter Estimated Counts

The window for charter estimated counts is now open for you to enter your data. Please refer to School Finance Memo 14-053 for instructions.  The memo can be found at this link. http://www.azed.gov/administrators/SF/NumberedMemos/FY2014/Forms/PublicView.aspx

If you have any questions, please contact your account analyst. You can locate your account analyst through this link. http://www.azed.gov/Administrators/SF/Lists/LEAAccountAnalysts/AllItems.aspx

FY15 Projected Charter and DSCS Additional Assistance Reduction

FY15 projected charter and DSCS additional assistance reduction

The projected reduction is approximately 5.0298%. It is calculated based on the June 1st 2014, 100th day ADM.

For FY2015, Payment 1 (8/1/2014), the calculation will be based on estimated counts and will be finalized once 100th ADM is available for all LEAs.

CSF Payment 9 Correction Notice

The CSF payment 9 report dated 3/27/2014 contains an incorrect Per Pupil Amount, $401.00.  $401 is in error, it should be $310. This has to do with a refresh of the CSF system and will be resolved in time for CSF payment 10, to be made in April.

We apologize for the confusion and thank you for your patience and understanding on this matter.

School Finance Updates

School Finance Updates Memo, 14-041, has been posted. And is located at


Some of the contents you’ll find in the memo include: Preschool FTE change: Please ensure that your preschool students are reported with an FTE of 0.000 or .5 to avoid funding impacts when this is implemented later this year; DSCS for FY 2015; 200 Day Instructional Calendars for FY 2015