Preliminary FY 2018 BUDG25 Reports Posted

Published: September 1st, 2017

The September FY2018 BUDG25 reports have been posted and is based on:

  • 2017 ADM for the vast majority of districts until 10/01/2017 at which time current year 2018 ADM will be used. There is an alert at the top of the report stating if 2017 or 2018 ADM was used.
  • APOR 55-1 with a run date of 8/16/2017 (Apportionment Date; 09/01/2017)
  • PROP123 $50 Million Additional Funding district allocations is estimated as being equal to FY2017 at this point
  • Budgets that have successfully processed through 2017-08-30
  • K3 Reading Impact on RCL Alert
    • In order to receive funding, all districts must now submit a plan to the State Board of Education for approval. K-3 reading funding will be released once we receive approval from the State Board of Education.
    • K3 Reading funding is not included in the RCL of this report
    • Contact the Move On When Reading ([email protected] ; 602-364-2355) with questions regarding the district’s plan and/or when it is scheduled for review

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