School Finance Friday 12/23/2016 Notes

Published: December 23rd, 2016

AzEDS Updates

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School Finance Updates

  • -20005 is currently working for ~99% of students.
    • There is a unique scenario. We described it in the video below.
    • If a student in an tuition-out-type enrollment changes DOR mid-year, the rule isn’t behaving as we all expect. ADE IT, School Finance, and Accountability are analyzing the issue. See the AzEDS blog for details next week.
  • 10200, a new AzEDS Integrity rule went into AzEDS this week.
    • If a student previously graduated, they cannot be fundable going forward. If your student is failing 10200 look for a W7, S7, or G code in SAIS in previous years or on the student’s transcript from a previous school. If you think the 10200 flag is in error, please submit a ticket to [email protected]
  • Wednesday Workshops for January are going to be about Transportation reporting for districts. The session(s) will be in the latter half of January, so watch the site for details.
  • No School Finance Friday next week. Happy New Year!

Follow along on the video below!