School Finance Friday 12/9/2016 Notes

Published: December 12th, 2016

AzEDS IT Update

Fixed Issues Update

  • LMTADM25 – fixed “duplicate”
  • Tuition Payer code=2, PS students no longer generating fundable intervals
  • Integrity rule -20002 is updated

Known Issues Update

  • 40000 rules that need to be updated
    • –40050
    • –40051
  • Rule -40036 which checks for age

School Finance Update

Data Capture Date for January

  • Declining Districts
    • FY 2017 only
  • To verify ADM:

Wednesday Workshops

Prioritize Integrity failures

  • Inactive calendar fixed; therefore contact School Finance if you have a calendar
  • Please don’t ignore rules if you think it might be broken.
  • AzEDS site to read Integrity rules

Training: What do these roles even mean?

EA for ADEConnect

Follow along on the video!