Estimated Counts Submissions

Published: September 26th, 2014

For Charter Schools who WILL NOT reach their 40th day on or prior to October 2, 2014, estimated counts data will be used for the November 3, 2014 payment.

Beginning September 26, 2014 and ending October 15, 2014, if a charter school needs to make any changes to estimated counts, it is their responsibility to contact the LEA Account Analyst to open a window.  A window will be opened only by request. 

For Payment Date

Submission START DATE

Submission DEADLINE

November 3, 2014*

Paid on SAIS 40th day ADM, unless   Charter Holder has not   reached the 40th day of school

See Account Analyst

 *Note:  If payments are based on estimated counts beyond the dates scheduled above, it is the charter school’s responsibility to request that a window be opened in any month to make changes to estimated counts. A window will only be opened by request. The school name and CTDS number should be submitted via e-mail to the LEA Account Analyst and a window will be opened in the appropriate time frame (generally early in the month before the next payment is calculated).

A memo (14-053) providing deadlines and instructions for submitting Estimated Counts was distributed June 11. The memo is posted on our FY 2014 Memos webpage at:

If you have questions regarding the submissions, please see your account analyst.  To find your analyst, see