SDER: TEI Reports are Available

Published: March 12th, 2014

Teacher Experience Index (TEI) for Fiscal Year 2014 has been calculated for all school districts with TEI reports being available for each district through this link.  The TEI reports were created from SDER data submitted through March 10, 2014.  Pursuant to A.R.S §15-941(D), if corrections are necessary, the school district shall submit a letter to the Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction and to the Chairman of the Joint Legislative Budget Committee, explaining the need for corrections.  Upon receipt of copies of the required letters, a window for the submission of data school district employee data corrections may be opened.  The window may be opened on or after March 15, 2014 and must be closed by April 10, in order for the TEI to be recalculated by April 15th.  Statute prohibits the recalculation of the TEI after April 15th, unless the TEI is overstated.

 To submit a correction request, please:

1)      Have the Business Manager or higher authority submit a letter requesting corrections be made,2)      Include in the letter the reason for the corrections,3)      Address the letter on district letterhead to the following:

John HuppenthalArizona Superintendent of Public Instruction1535 W. Jefferson Street, Bin #2Phoenix, AZ 85007

Don ShooterChairman, Joint Legislative Budget CommitteeArizona State Senate1700 West Washington, Room 200Phoenix, AZ 85007-2890

 4)      Email the letter to both your district’s account analyst and to [email protected]


Upon receipt of the letter, your account analyst will notify the sender that SDER has been opened and is available for corrections.  SDER will be closed at 4:30 pm on April 10 and new TEI reports for districts who corrected data will be available by April 15, 2014.



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