Check out the new ADMS75-1 in Student Detail Reports!

Published: December 12th, 2013

As you may be aware, ADE is in the process of converting the SDDI reports to new technology and we are placing the new reports in a new application within Common Logon called “Student Detail Reports”.  The ADMS75-1 report is the latest report to become available within this new application and can be found within either the District or School level reports. The exciting piece is that these reports pull up much faster than SDDI and have many available formats.  My personal favorite is the CSV export as the data is exported and placed automatically in an Excel spreadsheet (as long as you have Excel on your computer).  It’s so easy then to filter, sort, and sum data. 

This ADMS75-1 report can be pulled for ALL grades or individual grades, just like SDDI.  If pulling by a specific grade, we are experiencing some issues with grades 1-8 data appearing on the screen.  All other grades work as expected.  We decided to make this report available now instead of waiting until those individual grades could be pulled as we know how dependent all LEAs are on this report and the new functionality and speed will make up for the data not yet being available when filtering on grades 1-8.  All grades are included in the report when selecting the “ALL” grade.  We are currently working to update the grade specific filtering and will update HOT TOPICS when that is available.

ACCESS NOTE:  Everyone who has access to SDDI (Student Detail Data Interchange) has access to the new application and this new report.  If you don’t have permissions and need the access, then please have your business manager or higher authority contact our Support Center at [email protected] with the request.

TIP: Please check out our Report Reconciliation presentation (pages 7-10) for additional information on the Student Detail Reports application.