FY14 SAIS Opening Tomorrow!

Published: July 23rd, 2013

SAIS will be opening on July 24, 2013 for fiscal year 2014. 

IMPORTANT CHANGE: Please note that while SAIS will be opened, we will be updating SAIS to accept only a .5 or 0 FTE (full-time equivalency) for preschool students in the near future.  To alleviate future data issues, please submit your preschool students with an FTE of .5 or 0, effective immediately.  This change is effective for FY 2014 and future years.

As a result of this change, the preschool ADM displaying on the 75 reports (ADMS 75-1, ADMS75-3, SPED75-1, SPED75-3) will be a maximum of .5 ADM, as defined in ARS 15-901(A)(1)(a)(i).  No longer will the ADM be displayed on the 75 reports as 1.0 and then reduced by half on the ADMS46-1 report.  We are simply changing where the reduction takes place in our processing.  The amount of state aid funding the student generates will not be impacted.

FTE Guidance: A preschool student enrolled in a program for preschool children with disabilities of at least 360 minutes each week is considered a .5 FTE.  Minutes less than 360 each week qualifies as a 0 (zero) FTE.

Next Steps: When the business rules for the preschool FTE change are completed they will be posted to the School Finance Business Rules and Presentations webpage.  Please check the School Finance HOT TOPICS and the IT Bulletin Board for updates on this change.