FY 2014 Charter Estimated Counts is Available for Submissions

Published: June 10th, 2013

There has been a lot of interest in when Charter Estimated Counts will be available for charters to submit their estimated counts (estimated ADM) for the 2013-2014 school year, also known as fiscal year 2014.  We are excited to announce that Estimated Counts is now available for all active charter holders currently on file with ADE to begin their estimates submissions.


Please see Memo 13-046 for submission instructions and why charters are required to submit estimates of their FY 2014 ADM.

Counts must be submitted for each charter site prior to July 12, 2013 @4:30 pm in order to receive an August 1, 2013 state aid payment.


If you have questions regarding the submissions, please see your account analyst.  To find your analyst, see https://www.azed.gov/Administrators/SF/Lists/LEAAccountAnalysts/AllItems.aspx.