SPED28-1 Report Concerns – UPDATE

Published: February 12th, 2013

The SPED 28-1 report is not showing the correct number of students in some SPED need categories.  We are working on a solution at this time and will update the SPED 28-1 reports and post a notification when they match the SPED 75-1 reports.

In the interim, please continue to check the ADMS 75-1, SPED 75-1, ELL 75-1 and the corresponding 72 reports for accuracy in your data and update your SAIS data as needed.


UPDATE:  There is an issue with the SPED28-1 report not displaying all the SPED ADM.  While this information is not being displayed, it does exist in our payment system, so the March 1, 2013 CHAR55-1 and APOR55-1 reports will report the data accurately.  Until we are able to resolve the display issue, please see your SPED75-1 report for the SPED ADM that will reconcile to the 55-1 reports.