SdADMS75 Report To Be Retired

Published: July 18th, 2012

The SdADMS75 report will soon be removed from Student Details Data Interchange (SDDI) in Common Logon because the SdADMS75-1 report provides more pertinent data for the LEAs.

The SdADMS75-1 report essentially replaced the SdADMS75 report in FY09 because it is a copy of the SdADMS75 report but with some additional pieces of information that are pertinent to an LEA’s funding. The main difference between the two reports is that the SdADMS75-1 report contains Limited ADM information while the SdADMS75 report does not. The Limited ADM data is what is used to pay the LEAs.

Our IT Department is making enhancements to the SdADMS75-1 report. Once those enhancements are completed, the SdADMS75 report will be retired because it provides no additional value to the LEAs or to School Finance. It is anticipated that these enhancements will be completed within the next four weeks. Please check back here for updates.

Please contact your LEA Account Analyst if you have any questions.