Charter School “AOI Status” Issues Being Addressed

Published: July 16th, 2012

Charter school students manually entered (not through a file upload) into Estimated Counts who attend non-Arizona Online Instruction schools are appearing with an incorrect AOI Status of “Full Time AOI” instead of “Non-AOI.” The “Full Time AOI” status is currently the default status for all students and not just for those who attend an online school. An AOI status of “Full Time AOI” will result in these students generating 95 percent of their ADM instead of 100 percent, thereby causing Charter holders’ payments to be lower than they should be. The first payment that uses the Estimated Counts data is due to be paid on August 1. 

Our IT Department is working to correct this error so that non-AOI Charter schools receive their correct payment on August 1. The AOI Status for all students enrolled in a brick and mortar Charter school will be changed to “Non-AOI.” The AOI Status for all students attending an AOI Charter school will remain the same and not be touched. 

Once this fix is in place, the Charter Estimated Counts user interface will be modified so that the default AOI Status for a non-AOI Charter school student will be “Non AOI.” Until this modification is made, non-AOI Charter schools should change the AOI Status to “Non-AOI” when manually entering Estimated Counts through Common Logon.