Which public school district is responsible for creating a new MET evaluation so I may renew my my ESA contract?

MET Renewal

 15-2402(B)(2)  “…this paragraph does not relieve the school district or charter school that the qualified student previously attended from the obligation to conduct an evaluation pursuant to section 15-766.”

Every ESA student who is identified as a child with special needs is required to maintain MET documentation (renewed every three years) showing their current disability. A parent of a special needs student MUST either:

1)      Contact the school district that the private school is located and obtain an updated MET document (may take up to 60 days) from their district staff pursuant to the law below (if the student is insturcted in the home-the home residency district is responsible) OR;

2)      Return the completed MET Reevaluation Waiver (this is signed by special education department at the last public school attended) and returned  to ESA staff to maintain current funding levels.  



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