What is a “curriculum”?

Curriculum is an approved expense under the ESA program, but since it is not clearly defined in statute ADE has provided a definition:

“Curriculum is defined as a complete course of study for a particular content area or grade level. Supplemental material (manipulatives, kits, workshops, games, puzzles) may not be substituted as a complete course of study.”

Curriculum, as defined by the department, may include a set of math books or English texts that directly delivers instruction. It does not include supplemental material that is not part of a “complete course of study.”

For example, you can buy the “Saxon Grammar” curriculum, but not “Cat in the Hat” as it is not a part of a “complete course of study.”

ADE does allow the purchase of some supplemental reading materials if they are required by a textbook within a purchased curriculum. For example, your English text may require you to read “The Tale of Two Cities” or other stand-alone classics. If a parent is unsure about the purchase of supplemental material required by a curriculum, please contact ESA staff.

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