Can I Still Use The ESA If I Move Out Of State?

The ESA program is a state program for the purpose of serving the educational needs of the children of Arizona. The ESA contract requires residency in this state to maintain eligibility.

 Parents should contact our office if moving out of state. ESA Staff reserves the right to freeze funds and initiate removal procedures if a parent is accepting and using funds while residing outside of the State of Arizona.

I have decided to pursue other options than ESA. What should I do?

Please complete the close account request form and submit it to ESA staff at [email protected]. Additionally, if any expenses have been used, and not already reflected on a quarterly expense report, you must provide a complete and accurate expense report with your close account request form. Please keep in mind that these requests can take up to two weeks to review.  You will be notified once the account has been closed and you have been released from your ESA Contract Agreement.  If you submit a close account request form, you may always reapply during future application periods, but must meet the minimum qualifications.

If removed from the ESA program is there an appeal process?

Yes. A parent may appeal the department’s decision pursuant to title 41, chapter 6, article 10

Additional Resources:

Office of Administrative Hearings

Can I reapply for an ESA if I have been removed?

If you are removed from the ESA program a parent may not apply in the future. However, if you submit the close account request form with no contract violations, then you may reapply in the future to receive a scholarship.

What does the removal process look like?

First, the signer of the contract will receive a written letter detailing the reason for their removal from the program. The signer then has ten days to contact the ESA office to appeal being removed. If the ESA office does not receive any communication within 10 days, the decision to remove a parent from the program will become final.

For what reasons can someone be removed?

A parent or qualified student may be removed if there is a failure to comply with the terms of their contract, applicable laws, rules or orders or for knowingly misusing funds or knowingly failing to comply with the terms of the contract with intent to defraud. We suggest you read and understand your contract thoroughly before signing it and returning it to ESA. It is also a good idea to keep a copy of your contract for your records and to refer to it if you have questions.

Can one be removed from ESA?

Yes. The contract you return to ESA lists your responsibilities as a new ESA parent. These new responsibilities include but are not limited to: refraining from using public or charter school, traditional and online, using scholarship money for approved expenditures only, and submitting quarterly expense reports to ESA staff by the posted deadlines. Failure to follow one or all of these guidelines could result in removal from the program.