If I spend funds after my student has exited the program do I still need to submit expense reports?

Yes. Even though your child is no longer receiving a scholarship from ESA, you are still in possession of public state funds. Therefore expense reports must be submitted to ensure that these funds are being used on approved educational expenses.

Can funds be spent on college?

Yes. Funds may be used on community colleges and universities in the state of Arizona only.

Once my student’s cohort graduates, how long can I continue to use my funds?

Once your student has exited the ESA program you have four years to use any unspent monies in your scholarship account. After those four years have expired, any remaining funds will be reclaimed by the state.

Student attending public school are eligible for transitioning services. Does ESA allow for transitional services as well?

Upon joining ESA you agree to waive your right to free and appropriate public education (FAPE). In order to receive transitional services you must have an updated Individual Education Plan (IEP). An IEP is the only form which lists transitional services as necessary for students, when it is applicable. Once you have waived your right to FAPE, public schools are no longer obligated to conduct an IEP for your student. Since an IEP is the only determining factor we have to decide if transitional services are necessary for your student, we do not allow for transitioning services.

How long can my student receive an Empowerment Scholarship?

A child will receive funding until the end of their 12th grade year (fourth quarter).  For the ESA program, students progress in a cohort.  If a student enters the program in grade 5, then the following year they move on to grade 6, and so on.