Expense Reports Process

Part of the responsibilities that an ESA parent assumes is to report spending of ESA funds to the Department of Education on a quarterly basis. ESA funds may only be spent on specific allowable expenditures authorized by statute. The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) is authorized to audit these expenditures. In order to comply with these statutory requirements, funds are deposited into each ESA on a quarterly basis; ESA holders must submit expenditure documentation for verification prior to the next quarter’s disbursement according to the submission schedule included in the instructions below.

Submission Schedule:

Deadline to submit reports is 3pm!!!

1st quarter’s expenditures September 30 October 15-October 30
2nd quarter’s expenditures December 20 January 15-January 30
3rd quarter’s expenditures March 31 April 15- April 30
4th quarter’s expenditures June 20 July 15-July 30
*Must submit 4th quarter in order to be considered for ESA renewal for 2014-2015 school year.

All Expense Report submissions must be received by ADE on the corresponding dates and time to prevent delay of the next quarterly disbursement. If the expenditures are audited and find discrepancies in the purchase of non-approved products or services the department will notify the holder and take appropriate action

Submitting Expense Reports:

You may submit expense reports to ESA staff using one of the following methods:

Scan and e-mail to esa@azed.gov
Fax: 602-542-1005
Mail to:
1535 W. Jefferson St. Bin #41
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Upload Expense Reports

Please use this application to upload your ESA expense reports directly to our office. Confirmation of transmission will be sent to the email address you provide below. Please note that all fields are required.
**Please submit your report only one time to avoid delays in funding**
**It is the applicant parent’s responsibility to confirm that your report has been received prior to the deadline**

Items that MUST be submitted EVERY QUARTER are as follows:

  1. ESA Expense Report Cover Sheet - This is a printable tracking log provided by ADE for parents to track their quarterly expenditures. Fill in the form with your quarterly expenses and submit it as the cover sheet.
  2. ESA Bank Issued Statements – Holders must submit copies of all statements received in the mail from Bank of America for the current quarter. If official statements do not cover the entire expenditure period, printed copies of online account activity may be submitted
  3. Receipts – Copies of receipts for each expenditure listed on the ESA statements must be submitted. Receipts should clearly identify the item purchased or service provided.
  4. Attestation form - This form is to be signed by the Holder of the account only attesting that they are aware of all the charges made to the ESA account in their name. (Also on Page 4 of Cover Sheet Above)
  5. Credential Documentation – Statute requires educational therapists and tutors to be licensed or accredited in order for the expenditure to qualify. Holders must submit a copy of the relevant credential to substantiate the expense. This documentation only needs to be submitted at the time of the initial expense.

Check out our Checklist to make sure you have everything before you submit! EXPENSE REPORT CHECKLIST

**Please keep in mind the following policy regarding late expense reports**

ESA Policy states that a cardholder may be removed if:

  1. The applicant parent or qualified student fails to submit two or more complete and timely expense reports in a contract year.
  2. The applicant parent or qualified student fails to submit one complete and accurate expense report beyond thirty days of its required submission date.

Failure to do so will result in the Department exercising its authority under Arizona Revised Statutes §15-2403(C)(1) to retake possession of all remaining funds resulting in termination of the ESA contract and removal of the ESA program.