ESA Advisory Group

Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) staff, in a continuing mission to provide the highest quality service to participants, created the Advisory Board in 2013. The ESA Advisory board is not a statutory requirement, but rather an initiative by ESA staff to continuously improve communication, policy, and transparency. The Advisory Board is made up of various ESA stakeholders from diverse backgrounds and experience who are the “eyes and ears” of the program, giving staff members insight into how ESA policy and statute effects various sectors of the community.

To communicate ESA policy and receive input from ESA stakeholders

Time Commitment
Four meetings a year (One per quarter)
Requirements: Must meet composition requirements below, must be available for scheduled meetings (all occur on weekdays)

Composition and Requirements
1) Parents: one from every eligibility type (1 year terms)
b. Foster/Adopted
c. Military
d. D & F
e. STO
2) Private School Representatives X4 (3 year terms)
3) Public School Representatives X2 (3 year terms- One must be a SPED Director)
4) AZ Treasurer or Designee –Permanent Member
5) AZ Department of Education ESA staff
6) Education Non-Profit Organization X1 (3 year terms)
7) At large member X2 (1 year terms)

Application, Selection and New Appointment Process
ESA staff is accepting application from August 1st through November 1st.
Please submit an application to ESA staff for review here. You will be notified within 3 weeks with a decision.