Approaching Deadlines

  • Documents:
    • For a pupil withdrawal document: the applicant will only have 60 days to return this document to the department. If they fail to send it in within 60 days, the application will be closed automatically and they must reapply.
  • Funding:
    • Current recipients: Quarter 1 funding will be dispersed July 15th through July 30th.
    • Prospective Recipients:
      • Both renewal and new contracts will have a 30-day lifespan, meaning that if the contract is not returned within 30 days of being sent, the application will close and they are eligible to reapply.
      • Contracts can only be issued once ESA can verify the student is no longer enrolled in public school.
      • Renewals (for 19/20) will not be issued if the account has not been funded in the 18/19 school year.
  • Expense Reports: The Quarter 1 Expense Report is due September 30th.