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County Name School Name A-F Letter Grade
Pima Wildcat School D
Pima Tucson Preparatory School D
Pima Tucson International Academy D
Pima Tolson Elementary School D
Pima TIA West D
Pima TIA East D
Pima TAG Elementary D
Pima TAG Elementary D
Pima Southwest Alternative High School D
Pima Southside Community School D
Pima Sopori Elementary School D
Pima Sierra Middle School D
Pima Santa Clara Elementary School D
Pima San Fernando Elementary School D
Pima S.T.A.R. Academic Center D
Pima Mary Meredith K-12 School D
Pima Marshall Elementary School D
Pima Maldonado Amelia Elementary School D
Pima Lynn Urquides D
Pima Los Ranchitos Elementary School D
County Name School Name A-F Letter Grade
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Displaying 1 - 20 of 237 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


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ESA will begin to accept 2013-2014 applications on January 1-May 1, 2013.  Applications are now available.  If you would like to receive any updates, please email us with your information.

ESA Agreement Renewal

Dear ESA Parents,

For those currently receiving ESA scholarships, renewal packets will be sent  starting July 1, 2013  after the 4th quarter disbursement has been received.  4th Quarter disbursement is due on June 30, 2012 by 3pm.

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Attached is the first document to the new ESA Guideline packet. Over the next two months ESA staff will be working to create a complete start-to-finish guideline packet that will link to the ESA website to answer specific questions of current and applicant parents. Please review the attached document and send feedback to

ESA Guidelines- ESA Guidelines-Before You Apply

2013-2014 Fall Enrollment Timeline

Dear Parents,

Please see the  ESA 2013-2014 Timeline for the new submission dates and ESA parent meetings. In the coming days more information will be posted on the site giving a more detailed description of what to expect and how to prepare for applying. Please stay posted!

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