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County Name School Name A-F Letter Grade
Pima La Paloma Academy-South D
Pima Howenstine High School D
Pima Hohokam Middle School D
Pima Henry Hank Oyama D
Pima Ha:san Preparatory & Leadership School D
Pima Future Investment Middle School D
Pima Elvira Elementary School D
Pima Edge High School - Sahuarita D
Pima Edge High School - Himmel Park D
Pima Eastpointe High School D
Pima Direct Link II D
Pima Direct Link I D
Pima Compass High School D
Pima Children's Success Academy D
Pima Children Reaching for the Sky Preparatory D
Pima Chaparral Middle School D
Pima Challenger Middle School D
Pima Catalina High Magnet School D
Pima Carson Middle School D
Pima Baboquivari Middle School D
County Name School Name A-F Letter Grade
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Displaying 21 - 40 of 237 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


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