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Steve Leinwand Keynote Video

Steve Leinwand delivers the Friday keynote address at the
2012 OELAS Conference.


Kate Kinsella Keynote Video

Dr. Kate Kinsella delivers the Thursday keynote address at the
2012 OELAS Conference.


Jim Warford Keynote Video

Jim Warford delivers the opening keynote address on Wednesday, December 11, 2012 at the
2012 OELAS Conference.


Recorded Webinars

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OELAS 2014 Training Resources - click here for list
OELAS 2012 Training Resources - click here for list
OELAS 2012 Training Resources - click here for list
OELAS 2012 Training Resources - click here for list
OELAS 2012 Training Resources - click here for list

2012 OELAS Conference

2012 OELAS Conference
ELLs: Transitioning to Tomorrow
December 12-14, 2012
JW Marriott Tucson Starr Pass, Tucson, Arizona

Conference Program and Handouts

In Arizona’s fifth year of implementation of the Structured English Immersion (SEI) Models, the focus of Arizona’s educators will be on meeting 21st century global challenges. Not only must educators ready their students to meet the challenges and demands of the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) but also to transition to the rigor of Arizona’s Common Core Standards. Now more than ever before, it is critical that ELL educators understand how to apply successfully relevant methodologies inside an SEI, ILLP or mainstream classroom. ELL instruction must often be differentiated; how can educators accomplish that? What are text complexity, informational text and academic language, and how do they relate to ELLs, curriculum and instruction. How do educators make the necessary ‘shifts’ to be ready for Arizona’s Common Core standards? How can Arizona’s ELL educators best utilize technology to engage their students? How do Arizona’s educators design their curriculum to create college and career ready students? How will the new assessment tools work? How can we, as ELL educators, best enable our ELL students in successfully transitioning to tomorrow

Online registration for participants will open on September 1, 2012. A separate and optional online pre-registration will be available and required for attendance at the ELL Teacher of the Year awards banquet.

Please see the logistics page for information on reservations, registration, payment and other policies.

The Arizona Department of Education is partnering with the Arizona Educational Representatives Association (AERA) to coordinate exhibits at conferences. Registration for exhibitors will be handled directly through AERA. Please contact Kim Peters at kim.peters@cox.net for more information.

ELL Teacher of the Year

Call for Session Proposals

2011 OELAS Conference

ELL Student Success Stories

2012 ELL Student Success Stories Honorees

On Thursday, December 13, 2012, a select group of English Language Learners were introduced to OELAS conference attendees at the JW Marriott Resort in Tucson. These students had been selected from a large group of nominees from throughout Arizona to receive recognition. The awards were presented by Superintendent John Huppenthal and Dr. Jennifer Johnston of the Arizona Department of Education.

The ELL Student Success Stories award was created to honor Arizona ELL students who have made noteworthy achievements as a result of their studies as English Language Learners. 2012 marks the  fifth annual celebration of this event.

See below for the names of the 2012 ELL Success Stories Honoree students. Click the links to see more details and click the graphic to the right to see the video of the award! 
(Click  here to see details about the  2011 ELL Student Success Stories Honorees.)

ELL Student Success Stories Introduction  
Jonathan Aguilar Ochoa  
Jaqueline Vargas  
Oscar Amaya  
Tung Le  
Saraswati Chhetri  
Ivonne Michel Ruiz  
Pierre E. Madiata Mboungou  







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Photo Gallery-2012 OELAS Conference

 Melanie Conger, ELL Teacher of the Year; John Huppenthal, Superintendent of Public Instruction KathyHrabluk, Arizona Department of Education; Melanie Conger
ELL Teacher of the Year table Melanie Conger; Superintendent Joe Quintana, Glendale Elementary
 Jonothan Ochoa - J O Combs Elementary  Jacqueline Vargas - Gadsden Elementary
Oscar Amaya - Santa Cruz Valley Saraswati Chhetri-Amphitheater High School
Tung Le - Marana Unified District Pierre E. Madiata Mboungou - Arizona School for Integrated Academics and Technology
Ivonne Michelle Ruiz - Nogales USD  Dr. Jennifer Johnson, Arizona Department of Education