ELL Coordinator Boot Camp Flyer for Wednesday, July 15, 2015

FY 2015 ELL State Accountability Business Rules

Arizona’s A-F Letter Grade Accountability System 2014 ELL Point Criteria

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OELAS ELL Connections Newsletter

OELAS ELL Connections Newsletter – May 2015

OELAS ELL Connections Newsletter – December 2014

OELAS ELL Connections Newsletter – August 2014

OELAS ELL Connections Newsletter – May 2014

OELAS ELL Connections Newsletter – December 2013

OELAS ELL Connections Newsletter – August 2013

OELAS ELL Connections Newsletter – May 2013


ELL Student Success Stories

2012 ELL Student Success Stories Honorees

On Thursday, December 13, 2012, a select group of English Language Learners were introduced to OELAS conference attendees at the JW Marriott Resort in Tucson. These students had been selected from a large group of nominees from throughout Arizona to receive recognition. The awards were presented by Superintendent John Huppenthal and Dr. Jennifer Johnston of the Arizona Department of Education.

The ELL Student Success Stories award was created to honor Arizona ELL students who have made noteworthy achievements as a result of their studies as English Language Learners. 2012 marks the  fifth annual celebration of this event.

See below for the names of the 2012 ELL Success Stories Honoree students. Click the links to see more details and click the graphic to the right to see the video of the award! 
(Click  here to see details about the  2011 ELL Student Success Stories Honorees.)

ELL Student Success Stories Introduction  
Jonathan Aguilar Ochoa  
Jaqueline Vargas  
Oscar Amaya  
Tung Le  
Saraswati Chhetri  
Ivonne Michel Ruiz  
Pierre E. Madiata Mboungou  







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Photo Gallery-2012 OELAS Conference

 Melanie Conger, ELL Teacher of the Year; John Huppenthal, Superintendent of Public Instruction KathyHrabluk, Arizona Department of Education; Melanie Conger
ELL Teacher of the Year table Melanie Conger; Superintendent Joe Quintana, Glendale Elementary
 Jonothan Ochoa - J O Combs Elementary  Jacqueline Vargas - Gadsden Elementary
Oscar Amaya - Santa Cruz Valley Saraswati Chhetri-Amphitheater High School
Tung Le - Marana Unified District Pierre E. Madiata Mboungou - Arizona School for Integrated Academics and Technology
Ivonne Michelle Ruiz - Nogales USD  Dr. Jennifer Johnson, Arizona Department of Education

Conference Handouts-2012 OELAS Conference

Title Session Speaker
Preparing ELL Students for the Changing World of the Common Core Standards Wednesday Keynote Jim Warford
Rigor and Relevance: Your ELL Bridge to the Common Core State Standards Wednesday Breakout Jim Warford
Developing Mastery of High-Utility Academic Vocabulary for Common Core Competencies Wednesday Institute Kate Kinsella
Disrupting Classroom Discourse: Preparing English Learners for Common Core Academic Language Demands Thursday Keynote Kate Kinsella
Tools to Structure Academic Interaction for Career and College Readiness Thursday Institute Kate Kinsella
Shifting Instruction to Strengthen the Opportunity to Learn Both Content and English Friday Keynote Steve Leinwand
Building Language Rich Math Classrooms for ELL Students Friday Breakout Steve Leinwand


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Developing ELL Writing through Metacognition…Rob Robertson

Threading a Teaching Theme throughout the Four-Hour Block … Heidi Koski

The Common Core and Move on When Reading … Mary Wennersten, Bette Lovelace

Writing for ELLs in the Middle School Content Classroom…Secily Downes, Tammara Ragsdale

Verb Tense Study-Advanced…Bradley Williams

How to Get Children Engaged in Academic Vocabulary… Powerpoint …Handout…Mary Wennersten, Bette Lovelace

Conversational Writing:  Helping ELLs Link What We Say with What We Write…Rob Robertson

Targeted Instruction:  Using the Method Four Picture Story Frames to Practice Reading Comprehension … Heidi Koski (Wednesday and Thursday)

Lights, Sound, Action!  Use Technology to Engage your English Language Learners…Handout, Reference Materials , Smartboard_Activity…Jennifer Glueck, Carol Keough(Wednesday and Friday)

Text-Cavating to Increase Reading Comprehension…Bradley Williams

A Collaborative Approach to Students with Dual Labels…Sandra Laine, Gerry Haskins

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Grammar-Based Writing in the Early Primary Grades…Heidi Rochin (Thursday and Friday)

A Complete Look at Complete Sentences…Kevin Clark

Coaching for ELD Instructional Excellence…Kevin Clark, Heidi Rochin

Help!  I’m a Mainstream Classroom Teacher with One Student on an ILLP!…Handout, Reference…Jennifer Glueck, Carol Keough

Shifting Culture from Teaching to Learning — Handout 1, Handout 2 Sid Bailey

Write Up the Genius Ladder … Deb Weigel (Thursday and Friday)

Monitoring: Everything You Want to Know…Kathie Mooney

Making Language Learning a “Piece of Cake” for High School ELLs…Downes, Ragsdale

Playing with Parts of Speech…Power Point, Handout…Alissa Thelen, SaraBeth George, Laveen Elementary

Friday, December 14, 2012

Dramatic Play…Terry Doolan

Informational Text and the Common Core Standards…Patricia Cunningham

Gesture Your Way to Improved Language Learning…Heidi Rochin

Plays, Poetry, Fluency and the Common Core: Lesson Frameworks that Engage Your ELL Students…Patricia Cunningham

Use of Data as Part of Educator Evaluation…Carrie Giovannone

ELL Students in the A-F and AMAO Accountability System…Hildie Cohen

Directive Regarding the AZELLA Resolution Agreement



2011 ELL Student Success Stories

2011 ELL Student Success Story honorees
Please click on link below to see details for each student

Paloma Villa
Racheal Baxter
Rita Baxter
Sebastian Ramos
Ivana Garcia
Sebastian Flores
Hussein Yasser
Say Reh
Zainab Jabbar
Mohamed Noor













Paloma Villa
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Fall 2011 AZELLA Field Test