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Regents High Honors Tuition Scholarship
a.k.a. AIMS Scholarship


Previously Administered by The Arizona Department of Education

The Arizona Board of Regent’s High Honors Tuition Scholarship (a.k.a. – AIMS Scholarship) is a university academic merit scholarship administered by the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) on behalf of the Arizona Board of Regents. Qualified students who graduate from high school will receive a 25% in-state university base tuition scholarship.

This scholarship is a university scholarship. If a student receives any other university scholarship with a dollar value higher than 25% of tuition, this scholarship will not apply to the student’s account.

This scholarship must be claimed by the first spring semester following 1graduation from high school. Contact individual universities for exact deadlines for claiming award.

The scholarship is renewable for an additional three years based upon university-determined criteria.

Students are identified and certified to the Arizona Department of Education by their high school during their senior year.

1 – Graduation is defined by successful completion of all high school course requirements and testing.

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Scholarship Criteria
In order to qualify for this tuition scholarship, students must have Arizona residency with lawful immigration status (as defined by the University Admission Office), AND meet the academic Scholarship Criteria.