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Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR)

High Honors Tuition Scholarship
a.k.a. AIMS Scholarship

Administered by The Arizona Department of Education

Submission Process for Arizona Public or Private High Schools:
It is the responsibility of each public or private high school to identify and certify their graduating students who meet the criteria for High Honors Tuition Scholarship (AIMS Scholarship) to Arizona Department of Education by the indicated deadline(s).

This scholarship is a university scholarship. If a student receives any other university scholarship with a dollar value higher than 25% of tuition, this scholarship will not apply to the student’s account.

Submission Deadlines – Class of 2015
Submission dates for Cohort 2015 are closed

July 2015 is the last year the Arizona Department of Education will facilitate the process for certifying students for the Regents High Honors Tuition Scholarship.

For Cohort 2016 and beyond, students will be evaluated for this and other university scholarships when they submit their application and transcripts and will be awarded the highest dollar value scholarship they are eligible for. There will not be a special application/certification process for the Regents High Honors Tuition scholarship after this year, or Cohort 2015.

Scholarship Criteria
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