Public Portal – Search for an Educator Certificate


The Certification public portal allows educators, parents, and the general public to access information regarding an Arizona educator’s certification.

You may search for an educator using the following methods:

  • The certificate holder’s Public Educator ID number; OR
  • Last and/or first name of the educator.  The public portal will bring up a list of educators under the name entered; the certificate holder’s current position will be indicated to help you narrow your search. Click “View” on the appropriate educator to access credential information.


The public portal allows users to view the following:

  • Valid educator certificates and endorsements
  • Certificate deficiencies and requirements to satisfy deficiencies
  • Current educator positions (grade level and subject)
  • Discipline history indicator if an educator’s certificate(s) has been revoked, suspended, surrendered, or denied.

Note:  The public portal provides read-only access to public information regarding an Arizona educator’s certificate.  An educator portal which will allow educators to apply for certification online is currently under development; however, at this time educators may apply for certification via mail or at the Certification customer service counter.

For more information on applying for certification services, call 602-542-4367 or visit