Q: How do I apply for initial certification?

A: All Arizona educator certificates require a valid Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZDPS) Identity Verified Print (“IVP”) fingerprint clearance card.  You may order an IVP packet by calling (602) 223-2279.   After you receive the AZDPS IVP fingerprint clearance card, submit the following:

    1. A completed Application for Certification (PDF File).
    2. A check or money order for the correct fee(s). Fees are payable by personal check, money order or cashier’s check only. Cash, credit cards and debit cards will NOT be accepted. FEES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE.
    3. A photocopy of your valid your plastic AZDPS IVP Fingerprint Card.
    4. Official transcript(s). Envelope may be opened, but transcript(s) must be on official transcript paper and bear the original seal or stamp of the Registrar. Photocopies or unofficial transcripts will NOT be accepted. The Certification Unit will only accept degrees, programs and courses from accredited institutions.
    5. If verification of K-12 teaching experience is required, submit the Verification of K-12 Teaching Experience (PDF File) form completed and signed by a personnel director or superintendent.
    6. Submit passing score report(s) for the AEPA or NES exam(s) (if required).
    7. Submit any other documents that may be required (e.g., CTE Work experience verification, course descriptions, etc.).
    8. Applying for certification does not guarantee that a certificate will be granted.  If you do not meet all requirements for the certificate you apply for, you will receive an evaluation detailing the requirements you are lacking.  Certification fees will NOT be refunded even if a certificate is not granted.

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