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Frequently Asked Questions

[addsegment title=”Q:  How do I renew my Standard Certificate?”]
A:  To renew your Standard Certificate, you’ll need:

Any approved areas or full endorsements, including the Full SEI Endorsement, already applied to your certificate will be renewed as part of the certificate at no additional fee.
[addsegment title=”Q: I am moving to Arizona and have a valid teaching certificate from another state. How do I qualify for an Arizona Teaching Certificate? OR  Do you reciprocate with out-of-state certificates?”]
A: An Arizona Teaching Certificate may be issued to educators who hold a valid comparable teaching certificate from another state.

To qualify and apply for a certificate, please review the reciprocal requirements for certification.

[addsegment title=”Q:  How do I apply for an initial teaching certificate?”]
*If you are a recent Arizona graduate from an approved teacher preparation program, you need to obtain an Institutional Recommendation (IR) from your academic advisor.  Please contact your college/university for more information.

A:  To qualify for an initial teaching certificate, you’ll need the following:

[addsegment title=”Q:  How do I qualify for a Substitute K-12 Certificate?”]
A:  To qualify for a Substitute K-12 Certificate you’ll need:

To apply, submit a copy of your fingerprint card, your official transcripts and complete and submit the Application for Certification with a $60 personal check or money order.
[addsegment title=”Q:  How do I check the status of my certificate?”]
A:  To check the status of your certificate, visit our homepage to determine what our application processing times are for the current week.  To see if your certificate has been issued, please visit our Public Portal and type your first and last name.  Within 24 hours of being issued, any certificates and endorsements will appear under the educator search screen.

Application Processing Times

Public Portal – Educator Search Screen

[addsegment title=”Q:  I have a provisional certificate about to expire. What do I do?”]

A:  It depends upon which type of provisional certificate you have.

Reciprocal Provisional Teaching Certificate

Submit the following if you have completed two years of full-time teaching during the valid term of the 3-Year Reciprocal Provisional certificate:

Submit the following if you have not completed two years of full-time during the valid term of the Reciprocal certificate:

Provisional Teaching Certificate

such as Arts Education, Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary or Special Education

Provisional CTE Certificate

Provisional Adult Education Certificate

Submit the following: