Technology Plan Toolkit


See Arizona’s Technology Long Range 2009 – 2013 for additional recommendations that can be incorporated into LEA technology plans.

 Children’s Internet Protection Act – 2012 Update

CIPA is required for all LEAs receiving any type of E-Rate Funding.  Upload the signed CIPA form into CIPA/Tech Plan Monitoring Area of ALEAT.

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Tech Plan FAQs:

Examples of Previous Technology Plans

Flagstaff Unified School District and Bell Canyon Charter School have permitted us to share their 2010-2013 Technology Plans as outstanding examples for others to view. These plans include their Continuous Improvement Plan from the time of their approval.

Flagstaff Unified School District 2010-2013 Technology Plan

Flagstaff Unified School District updated Continuous Improvement Plan for “tech” tagged action steps. 11/22/2010

Bell Canyon Charter School 2010-2013 Technology Plan

Any Technology Plans needing approval by the Arizona Department of Education must be submitted that the ALEAT system.