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Intel® Teach Elements Courses

This recently enhanced series of asynchronous, facilitated online professional development courses provides teachers a deeper exploration of 21st century learning concepts such as project-based approaches, assessment of 21st century skills, and collaboration with Web 2.0 tools. The content of these courses include animated e-learning modules with some interactive learning exercises, online forums to allow participants to reflect and discuss course ideas with each other and off-line activities to apply what they are learning to their current practice through the completion of a project plan. All of the Intel Teach Elements onlince courses have connections with Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards.

Course Syllabi:

  • Project-Based Approaches
    This 6-weeks (30-hours) online course helps teachers improve their understanding and application of project-based approaches in the 21st century classroom. By the end of the course, participants who complete an Action Plan will have designed materials and activities to implement or improve project-based approaches in their classrooms.
  • Assessment in the 21st Century
    This 6-weeks (30-hours) online course helps teachers see how assessment strategies can benefit their teaching practices and students’ learning. Participants learn how to plan, develop, and manage student-centered assessment. The course offers opportunities to apply the assessment concepts with action planning exercises.
  • Collaboration in the Digital Classroom
    This 6-weeks (30-hours) online course helps teachers integrate collaboration into instruction and ensure it is purposeful, meaningful, and effective. Participants learn how to plan and manage student collaboration activities, develop students’ 21st century thinking skills and integrate online collaborative tools that are increasingly part of our globally connected workplaces.
  • Thinking Critically with Data
    This 6-weeks (30-hours) online course helps teachers explore practical skills and strategies to draw on when teaching students to think critically about the information around them. Teachers will understand how to design student projects and assessments that address critical thinking skills when collecting and analyzing data. Additionally, they will see how technology can support students’ collection, organization, and presentation of data.
  • Designing Blended Learning
    This 6-weeks (30-hours) online course helps educators to transition your teaching to blended learning experiences where some portion of learning occurs online and outside of a traditional classroom setting. you will be better able to prepare your students for self-directed and independent learning.
  • Educational Leadership in the 21st Century
    In this 3-week (15 hours) online course, participants explore and discuss school leadership in our students’ technological 21st century world. School and district leaders explore examples of best practices, examine leadership behaviors, develop strategies to better support their teachers, and explore emerging technology trends, such as mobile devices, one-to-one computing, and online learning that are impacting their schools. This course is ideally suited for principals, assistant principals, superintendents, and other district and school leadership staff.


Title II-A (Highly Qualified/Professional Development) funds can pay for stipends or other expenses to implement the Intel Teach Program.

PD Hours

Upon successful completion of any of the online facilitated Arizona Intel Teach Elements courses, participants may receive Professional Development hours for recertification. Please consult your local Human Resources Department regarding Professional Growth hours.

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