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Intel logoIntel Teach courses support the NCLB requirement for high quality professional development and meets the NSDC Standards for Staff Development – sustained over time, enhances quality teaching, and is student focused. The online Intel Teach Elements portfolio of courses incorporates relevant and useful online tools and resources, including connections to Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards.

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What’s new with Intel Teach?

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Click here for the Intel(R) Teach Elements and Alignment to Common Core State Standards.

Elements Courses Online (30 hrs online facilitated course)
A newly enhanced series of high interest, visually compelling courses that deeply explore 21st century learning concepts offered online through the Arizona Department of Education. Courses include:  Project-Based Approaches; Assessment in 21st Century Classrooms; Collaboration in the Digital Classroom; Thinking Critically with Data; Blended Learning; Educational Leadership in the 21st Century  (15 hours)

Throughout the Intel Teach Elements portfolio of substantive courses, participants learn to:

  • Develop inquiry-based, technology-enriched projects and units to enhance student learning
  • Use the Internet, online tools, and Web 2.0 resources as tools for research, creativity, and communication
  • Align curriculum to standards while addressing and assessing 21st century skills.

Intel Teach promotes 21st century learning skills critical for student success in today’s knowledge economy. Courses are challenging, substantive, and have immediate practical impact on teachers’ work. 


Title II-A (Highly Qualified/Professional Development) funds can pay for stipends or other expenses to implement the Intel Teach Program.

Professional Development Hours

Upon successful completion of any of the online facilitated Arizona Intel Teach Elements courses, participants may receive Professional Development hours for recertification. Please consult your local Human Resources Department regarding Professional Growth hours.

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