IDEAL Updates


To:       Superintendents, Curriculum Directors, and Ed Tech Leaders

From:   Cathy Poplin, Deputy Associate Superintendent for Educational Technology

Date:    September 14, 2011

Re:       Official End Date for Discovery Streaming through IDEAL

This is an update to the memo sent on September 1st informing you that Discovery Education Streaming would no longer be provided through the IDEAL education portal,   Discovery Education Streaming will be available in IDEAL until the close of business on Friday, September 23, 2011.

You can go to for information on how to continue subscribing to Discovery Education Streaming for your school(s) or you can contact Brad Hagaman of Discovery Education directly at 704-557-2446 or  The Discovery Education team will also be reaching out to districts and charter schools around the state.

Latest in Intel Teach

Intel Teach Elements and Face to Face Professional Development

Elements Courses Online (30 hrs each course)
A new series of high interest, visually compelling courses that deeply explore 21st century learning concepts offered online.

Educational Leadership in the 21st Century Online (15 hrs)
Online professional development focusing on the importance of leadership in promoting, supporting, and modeling the use of technology in instruction.

Essentials Course (face-to-face training – 32-40 hrs) (by LEA request)
Aims to help teachers use the power of computer technology to spark student imagination and ultimately move them to great learning.

Thinking with Technology (face-to-face training – 24-40 hrs) (by LEA request)
Teachers use free online tools to support the development and assessment of students’ higher-order thinking skills.

Throughout the Intel Teach portfolio of substantive courses, participants learn to:

  • Develop inquiry-based, technology-enriched projects and units to enhance student learning
  • Use the Internet, online tools, and Web 2.0 resources as tools for research, creativity, and communication
  • Align curriculum to standards while addressing and assessing 21st century skills.

Intel Teach promotes 21st century learning skills critical for student success in today’s knowledge economy. Courses are challenging, substantive, and have immediate practical impact on teachers’ work.


Title II-D (Enhancing Education through Technology) and Title II-A (Highly Qualified/Professional Development) funds can pay for stipends or other expenses to implement the Intel Teach Program.

Professional Development Hours

Upon successful completion of any of the Intel Teach Programs, participants can receive Professional Development hours for recertification. Please consult your local Human Resources Department regarding Professional Growth hours.

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