2013-2014 Guidance for LEA Technology Planning

PlanningRecent changes to E-Rate technology planning requirements and the elimination of the Enhancing Education through Technology federal grant, also known as Title II-D, have generated the need to revise Arizona Department of Education’s (ADE) LEA technology planning requirements. The primary change is that LEAs only need to seek ADE approval of their technology plan if they are applying for reimbursement of Priority Two E-Rate services during that school year.  LEAs who are not applying for reimbursement of Priority Two services from E-Rate, are encouraged to annually update their technology plans in ALEAT (Arizona’s LEA Tracker) but ADE does not need to approve them.  However, all LEAs who receive E-rate funding for Internet Access must comply with the Children’s Internet Protect Act (CIPA) requirements and keep a  signed CIPA in your E-Rate notebook.  It is good practice to add a strategy/action plan for Internet Safety and CIPA compliance to Standard 2 – LEA Leadership under L3:  Manages the organization to provide a safe, efficient, and effective learning environment on an annual basis.  

Here is a recording of the webinar presentation of  Tech Plans, E-Rate and ALEAT that will give you additional information.

Any LEA who is seeking approval of their technology plan from ADE for E-Rate Priority Two Services MUST submit the following to ADE  by April 7, 2014 :

  1. Review the Tech Plan Process Flowchart before beginning the process.
  2. Complete the Technology Plan Needs Assessment using the template available on the ADE Technology Planning website (http://www.azed.gov/educational-technology/technology-plans/) and upload into ALEATs Tech Plan Monitoring documents.
  3. Add at least one “TECH” tagged action step to each LEA goal/standard  in ALEAT.   All action steps must be tagged as TECH.
  4. Add strategies/action steps  for Internet Safety and CIPA Compliance to Standard 2 – LEA Leadership under L3: Manages the organization to provide a safe, efficient, and effective learning environment.  Be sure to add “TECH” tags to all action steps.
  5. NOTE:  There is no longer the need for the Tech Literacy Goal due to the elimination of  Title IID.
  6. Upload signed CIPA form into ALEAT SY2014 Tech Plan Monitoring documents.
  7. Send an alert email request for a 3-year tech plan approval letter  to techplans@azed.gov.
  8. Save ALL documents in your E-rate notebook for 6 years, including the Tech Plan Approval letter from ADE for those applying for E-Rate Priority Two Services.


Below are a few of the resources have been created to assist LEAs in the technology planning process:

  • Revised Tech Plan Process Flowchart (revised 9/2013): Includes a graphical representation of the steps a typical LEA would complete during the technology planning process.
  • Revised Needs Assessment Template: A framework for reviewing an LEA’s technology needs in preparation for developing goals, strategies, and action steps for the use of technology within an LEA.
  • Revised CIPA Certification: Must be on file with the Arizona Department of Education for E-Rate Priority Two verification.
  • Revised Technology Strategies and Action Step Examples – Examples of strategies/actions steps that align with ALEAT’s Standards for Effective LEAs. Add “TECH” tags to each action step.
  • Revised Technology Planning FAQs - A list of common questions and answers that LEAs have about technology planning.

Children’s Internet Protection Act – 2012 Update

For those applying for Priority One E-rate services, your Internet Safety Policies must be updated to meet FCC CIPA requirements prior to July 1, 2012.

For additional information about these changes, contact the Ed Tech team at techplans@azed.gov or 602-364-1349.