The 3rd Annual Kindergarten Transition for All Children Summit – 10/11/2017

Published: July 24th, 2017

The 3rd Annual Kindergarten Transition for All Children Summit- 10/11/2017 – Click the link to access the conference flyer

Join ADE ECE for an engaging professional development opportunity to discover more about current research and best practices in Kindergarten Transitions and systems building and to collaborate with local partners.

For NEW ECQUIP teams, this will be an opportunity to investigate current research on Kindergarten Transition, learn from successes and challenges of teams already implementing transition strategies, and develop a written Kindergarten Transition plan to engage their community.

For RETURNING teams (that attended previous Kindergarten Transition summits), this will be an opportunity to reconnect, reflect on and analyze progress, and delve into data-informed approaches to enhance Kindergarten Transition processes and build stronger systems of support for children and families.

Participants will receive a certificate of professional development for 6.5 hours.


Kindergarten Transition Summit Agenda

Engaging Families and the Community in Partnership

Using the Registry as a Foundation to Build a Quality Early Childhood PD System


Quality Assessment Systems

ADE Balanced Assessment Framework

Appropriate and Meaningful Assessment – NAEYC

Designing a Comprehensive Assessment System – West Ed

How Do You Build a High Quality Assessment System?

For more information or to learn more about Assessment Module professional development workshops from ADE ECE, visit or contact your ADE Early Childhood Program Specialist.

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